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-- Recent Notes from 11DBHK (BvS Creator) --

Monday 8/17 (9:50):

Festival Results tomorrow, including fixing a couple bugs in the hopper. Why not today? Because yesterday was "strip seal and wax the store floor" day, and after 18 hours I'm still not even halfway done. =__= I'M NOT EVEN DONE WITH THE STRIPPING PART YET. Back to the store - I've got more stripping to do... blarhgrhghg -11 UPDATE results wednesday still dealing with stupid floor STUPID FLOOR JUST BE WAXED -11again

BvS News

Tuesday 8/18 (21:50):

August Festival results! Thanks for your support!
3 +5 Mahjong Games Boosters:ahoyaro
Everything-You-Need WeiB Schwarz Gift Pack:Prown
Six Months of Billy Club:Seig
3 +5 Poker Games Boosters:DamienB
3 +5 Flower Wars Boosters:meow14
3 +10 Flow Boosters:Zaeldrinor
3 +150 Stamina Boosters:meow14
$25 in weird snacks from Hammergirl:Yozen
Full Spiral Energy Booster:Wilcox
Sketch of a BvS Character:Nei
3 +300 Stamina Boosters:Alexor
3 +450 Stamina Boosters:Satan
3 +100% AP/JXP/Rep Boosters:Sena
3 +5 Deliveries Boosters:Jezabel
3 +5 Glowslinging Duels Boosters:Catprog
3 +10 SUPERFAIL Games Boosters:Wimp Lo
3 BillyCon Entry Boosters:DamienB
Awesome Restat Booster:Jerral
3 +300 Electrum Pachinko Balls:Roy Newfie
3 +50 Pet Point Boosters:Ariamaki

Monday 8/10 (23:10):

State of the Game
Hey, everyone! Lots of UI and Quality of Life updates over the past month (easy mode in Retail, security for accidental N1 doublesubmits, Private Tourney notification, etc etc), and a list of more little things coming really soon (a new Tourney thanks to some great suggestions, some buffs to certain bonuses).

Thanks to a crazy good idea from the PC, the next chunk of plot is coming along really well - no ETA yet, but lots of good work being done on it daily, I think it's turning out pretty cool, I hope you like it. Okay, back to coding, enjoy the Festival!

Friday 8/7 (11:36):

The August Festival is Coming!

Celebrate the 11th with BvS' Monthly Billyfest Festival!

- Tons of fun in-game events and prizes!

- For BillyClub members, The Monthly Real Prize Giveaway!
Yes, each BillyClub member will be given eleven tickets to put into raffles for the prize or prizes of their choice. At the end of the festival, one ticket will be drawn for each prize, and that BC member gets it! Also, since this is me giving the prizes away from my own Portable-Games-and-Hamburgers fund, it is open to EVERYONE in BillyClub! If you were thinking about joining before, now's your best chance!

- Also for BC Members, the Bargletron gives +300 Stamina!

Prize List:
- Sketch drawn by 11 of a BvS character
- $25 in weird snacks from Hammergirl
- Six Months of Billy Club
- Everything-You-Need Set for WeiB Schwarz (2 decks, translations, and sleeves)
- 3 +150 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +300 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +450 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +100% AP/JXP/Rep Boosters
- 3 +5 Deliveries Boosters
- 3 +5 Mahjong Games Boosters
- 3 +5 Glowslinging Duels Boosters
- 3 +10 SUPERFAIL Games Boosters
- 3 +5 Flower Wars Games Boosters
- 3 +10 BillyCon Flow Boosters
- 3 BillyCon Entry Boosters
- 3 +300 Electrum Pachinko Balls Boosters
- 3 +50 Pet Level / Get a Pet Boosters
- Free Awesome Restat Booster

Thank you all so much for playing, and for those of you that help keep the game running, I salute you - and shower you with presents! See you on the 11th! -11DBHK

Monday 7/20 (9:45):

Working on things, Cons + Con Plague
Hey everybody, 11 here. The past 3 weeks have been a repeated whirlwind of going to / coming from cons, and then Con Plague, keeping me away from any significant BvS work. PC has a bunch of nice fixes I want to put in, and I'll get them in as soon as I can focus on code long enough to get it right without hurling. -_- Apologies for the lack of updates so far in July - between packing the truck for conventions, conventioning, and then unpacking, reordering, and packing, I have had zero time. HOWEVER, Con season is over - I shake off this cold and I'm good to go. Stay tuned!

Congrats to Ninjas looping to a new Season today!

Season 45: Sena

Season 3: mgranaa

Season 2: IceFenix

Dub This!

Top Daily Players
Season 2+


Level 225
Gen: 75
Nin: 75
Tai: 75
Season 1


Level 66
Gen: 22
Nin: 22
Tai: 22
8/11 New Number One Tourney

Recent UI / Balance tweaks:
- Once-a-day item to ease Retail issues
- Double-submit protection for N1

Top Player Council Projects:
- (UI) Visual indication of leaving customers in Retail
- (UI) Rides warning when you use you last card you have (had) equiped.
- From Suggestion ID 2102: Cosplay piece/complete counter on packing page
This Hour's Top Item Count:
Emerald Ryo Coin
1. bjorntfh5082
2. Channel284480
3. JayZJay2778
4. Jerral2774
5. Wixoyu2163
6. McAwesome1772
7. Babliski1642
8. tanj1635
9. Thyme1368
10. MoonBurst1258
11. Jochabeth1249