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Dino Village
-The Village Hidden in the Greens -
Village Leader: Kaz
Number of Ninja: 27
Ahiok, Almadin, Awain, Catluverr, farzywarzy, Gem Nani, Hiei, Irene, Jetleo1, JustGoBOOM, K9Chick, Key, LazyNinja, Lirien, Moncolus, mustang, Needles, Nomadion, nvarchar, Paprika, Partpalc, PirateLord, Pyrah, RowRow, Snow, yyty255
Number of Upgrades: 151
War Status: Active!
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Dino Village! Come frolick with the Dinos, at least until we blow ourselves up :O (This is an Impossible Mission village)

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