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Monster Village
-The Village Hidden in Your Fears -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: Prince
Number of Ninja: 46
aoshi2012, Ba2, Bandoth, bertFTW, bjorntfh, blittim, bluewonder, Ched, darkh999, DarkItachi, ednari, Einar, Game, godofall, GOftw, Guess, Gunjer, Henteko, hero, iLockon, Impulse, itachi92, Lee Man, Lego, Mighty Bob, Polarst, QuasiJonny, Raiton, Sejun, Sena, Shishou, Simular, Skyelette, Sneaky, snoopy, Stark, strmtrupa, Unosuke, Valaranka, Vampirate, wastrel, winsock, Wixoyu, Wounder, Xaxuri
Number of Upgrades: 188
War Status: Not Joined
Recruitment Status: Not Recruiting

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