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Shoukyaku Village
-The Village Hidden in the Ashes -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: Drazhar
Number of Ninja: 44
Axxis34, babli, CapnJack, CaptFalcon, Corian, Dangangan, dmt2004, freeRebs, Ibad786, Juudaime, Kainebone, kalrum, Kashi, Kerish, Kime, Krik, Lelouch, Liischo, Lyoko13, Matrial, MrGrizzly, Neji81, Nodoka, Nooblein, Orihime, Pierian, Rai, Rayleruth, Roeben, Roy007, Ryoku, Savarin, Sensate, striger666, TheCoolMan, Turner, Tyr, Valim, voyagerlee, Xilang, Xochitl, Zephyra, Zom
Number of Upgrades: 182
War Status: Days Peaceful: 2
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Once upon a time there was a little ninja kid. The little ninja kid turned out to be the child of *spoilers* and *spoilers* and he SAVED THE WORLD. Are you a little ninja kid too?

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