Hey there! We're thinking about making a HUGE TCG section on this site, with free prizes and giveaways!

To know what we should give out, though, we need to know something about the people who visit here.
Please fill this short survey out, so we can better tailor the site, and the prizes!

Check all the games you play:

Fullmetal Alchemist (you SHOULD be playing this - it's the best!)
Zatch Bell
Duel Masters
Case Closed

Do you mainly collect the cards or do you just buy the cards to play?


If you play FMA, do you collect the parallel foils?

I specifically look out for them and collect them
I don't see them as really different from other cards - if I get one, I get one

In general (whether or not you play FMA), do you collect parallel foils from TCGs?

I specifically look out for them and collect them
I don't go out of my way to collect them - if I get one, I get one

Do you try to foil your deck (or at least key parts of your deck)?


Do you prefer alternate treatment versions of cards (different picture, different template) or do you prefer foil versions?

I'd rather have an alternate card
I'd rather have a foil card

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