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Arcadia Village
-The Village Hidden in Eden -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: skwerewolf
Number of Ninja: 42
Age, Alibi, alvarote, AmeKren, Armaros, Blitz, blueblade, demonguy, Diviner, faerwty, FallenEVA, KingKevin, Knightman, kusaka, Kyosuke, LillyTai, Machiki, Masumai, MaxiKing97, Miles, mishulica, Raganark, Renaultus, RengeHana, RichyR91, Ryougi, Sickle, Sn4p, Spl4sh3r, Suraklin, Thoughts, Tommy J, Turk, twinsoul, Vaarn, Velen, Voumcule, Willkas, Wyrd, Zero Zaito, ztrauq
Number of Upgrades: 171
War Status: Not Joined
Recruitment Status: Not Recruiting

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