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Daitsuki Village
-The Village Hidden in the Moon -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: shadowmyre
Number of Ninja: 44
Aoitsukiko, bad001, Brite, Demo, Dexcel, Dj Uchiha, doG, edophoenix, FallenEVA, Fortegs124, Gardener, Kairne, Karai26, Krean, Lady Swift, Lordblack, MadNinja50, Murggu, naruto213, Nelead, Nemo, nix99, Nuggets, Ozlen, PhatBluntz, Polaries83, RamenDude, Ren Po Ken, Riiochan, Salion, Salome, Sira, SiriusBZNS, Soroxa, SparkWisp, Stargate18, StevenW, Telreyunia, TTerry, Two States, Udon, WackyShin, WCat
Number of Upgrades: 188
War Status: Active!
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
All roads are open in the realm of the moon.

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