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Neo Konoha Village
-The Village Hidden in leaves -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: Risei
Number of Ninja: 31
AceofWeb, Arsaganis, Bryony, BTBishop, Darqueben, Dawn, Delphic, Divjacina, Itachi521, Jonas, Kaidumaru, kali217, Killdead, Makuta9999, Melynas, MotoFujiko, nmer, Okada, Raisuke, Ryosuke, Sakiyuki, Sasurki, Shinosama, Silsadeen, Sunless, tykell, Umbra, Wendy, X1stKiraX, Zayyy1313
Number of Upgrades: 186
War Status: Days Peaceful: 20
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Come over to Neo Konoha village! We're a Tier 3 IR, with almost all of the upgrades, and constantly summoning Kaijus/Major Kaijus/Zombjas/etc.

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