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-- Recent Notes from 11DBHK (BvS Creator) --

Thursday 8/28 (12:13):

Boss fights are working in Retail, FINALLY. As soon as I get the code pulled out of the admin version and get it in the demo, it'll be there too. PvP testing going well, too, looking forward to showing that off really soon!

BvS News

Thursday 8/21 (12:21):

Festival Winners! Congrats!
3 +5 Mahjong Games Boosters:Rayjhis
Everything-You-Need WeiB Schwarz Gift Pack:Wilcox
Six Months of Billy Club:Neuro
+5 Poker Games Boosters:Golnor
3 +5 Flower Wars Boosters:Shadowwing
Everything-You-Need Cardfight!! Vanguard Gift Pack:Rokujukyu
3 +10 Flow Boosters:Ulitmacema
3 +150 Stamina Boosters:bcls
$25 in weird snacks from Hammergirl:Michi
Full Spiral Energy Booster:Ryan Galen
Sketch of a BvS Character:Yukihana
3 +300 Stamina Boosters:Tursi
3 +450 Stamina Boosters:Sliver1991
3 +100% AP/JXP/Rep Boosters:Geo1234567
3 +5 Deliveries Boosters:Yozen
3 +5 Glowslinging Duels Boosters:Obaasan
3 +10 SUPERFAIL Games Boosters:erispope
3 BillyCon Entry Boosters:Shadowwing
Awesome Restat Booster:Dark Rider
3 +300 Electrum Pachinko Balls:Biogenesis
3 +50 Pet Point Boosters:Dark Rider

Thursday 8/7 (22:07):

The August Festival is Coming!

Celebrate the 11th with BvS' Monthly Billyfest Festival!

- Tons of fun in-game events and prizes!

- For BillyClub members, The Monthly Real Prize Giveaway!
Yes, each BillyClub member will be given eleven tickets to put into raffles for the prize or prizes of their choice. At the end of the festival, one ticket will be drawn for each prize, and that BC member gets it! Also, since this is me giving the prizes away from my own DS-Games-and-Hamburgers fund, it is open to EVERYONE in BillyClub! If you were thinking about joining before, now's your best chance!

- Also for BC Members, the Bargletron gives +300 Stamina!

Prize List:
- Sketch drawn by 11 of a BvS character
- $25 in weird snacks from Hammergirl
- Six Months of Billy Club
- Everything-You-Need Set for WeiB Schwarz (2 decks, translations, and sleeves)
- Everything-You-Need Set for Cardfight!! Vanguard (2 decks, translations, and sleeves)
- 3 +150 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +300 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +450 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +100% AP/JXP/Rep Boosters
- 3 +5 Deliveries Boosters
- 3 +5 Mahjong Games Boosters
- 3 +5 Glowslinging Duels Boosters
- 3 +10 SUPERFAIL Games Boosters
- 3 +5 Flower Wars Games Boosters
- 3 +10 BillyCon Flow Boosters
- 3 BillyCon Entry Boosters
- 3 +300 Electrum Pachinko Balls Boosters
- 3 +50 Pet Level / Get a Pet Boosters
- Free Awesome Restat Booster

Thank you all so much for playing, and for those of you that help keep the game running, I salute you - and shower you with presents! See you on the 11th! -11DBHK

Wednesday 7/30 (21:51):

Weekly Player Council Meeting Notes
- tightened up Retail method of entry
- noted certain Hanging Out methods that need to be touched up
- updated Hangouts to note if they are from FP or another method
- Separated Wage / Rage bonuses
- SUPER SECRET PVP TWEAK: WE: +2 HP, LE: Tiebreaker, RE: Start with 1 Bullet loaded (you'll see, stay tuned)

Tuesday 7/8 (11:09):

Retail Demo + Old Arena for BC! There's a demo for Retail up on the Poker page (check the bottom - BC people get 3 tries a day, non-BC get 1), and the BC also has the Old Arena for some PvP action! Off to a convention (to play some Retail of my own -_-), Enjoy! This is all thanks to the Player Council, both helping with ideas and some of the more fiddly bits. Hats off to them!

Congrats to Ninjas looping to a new Season today!

Season 44: mecha

Season 40: Rabbito

Season 39: Rabbito

Season 38: Rabbito

Dub This!

Top Daily Players
Season 2+


Level 225
Gen: 75
Nin: 75
Tai: 75
Season 1


Level 71
Gen: 23
Nin: 24
Tai: 24
7/8 Old Arena (BC)
4/11 Perfect Poker
3/7 Truck Load

Recent UI / Balance tweaks:
7/1: Truck Trophy reroll if already got, PH/news announcement for 11-in-Chat, tweaked rewards to be slightly more Appetite-heavy, Truck Trophy gradually becomes more likely until first get

Top Player Council Projects:
This Hour's Top Item Count:
Silver Sliver
1. Tyr200
2. DanaO82
3. WarLady8170
4. Ry Shadow58
5. doomdog61936
6. Reo27
7. neko nico25
8. Chritaku25
9. Sanchan10
10. chiefhunke9
11. RichyR913