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Here you'll find thousands and thousands of high-quality anime picture galleries - pics from hundreds of shows, manga, and video games! If you are searching for japanese galleries of scans, you'll be hard-pressed not to find it here! We've also got great 'How to Draw' pages, and a special 'Girls' gallery, by popular demand! Also, check out our In-Depth pages, which have tons of info (and special galleries!) on today's hottest shows!

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Top Wallpaper Images

275 views today
Atsuko Ishida
Atsuko Ishida
269 views today
Atelier Marie
Atelier Marie
268 views today
Bastof Syndrome
Bastof Syndrome
267 views today
Delicious Seasons
Delicious Seasons
262 views today


Top Gallery Images

Plawres Sanshiro
Plawres Sanshiro

315 views today
Our Road of No Return
Our Road of No Return

313 views today

308 views today
Love Wan
Love Wan

306 views today
Hustle Punch
Hustle Punch

297 views today
Double Cast
Double Cast

292 views today
Cinderella Boy
Cinderella Boy

289 views today
Imperfect Hero
Imperfect Hero

287 views today


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Luck & Logic!

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Heart of the Cards!

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We'd like to give a special thanks to a few folks - Ryo Dark for his large, large wallpaper submissions, and 'Anime Backgrounds and Wallpaper for your Desktop' for the initial startup funds for the site. Thanks for all the folks who signed onto the Network - hope you enjoy the hits!

We're thinking about creating a tutorial section for all the work we do, for the best ways to scan in really high quality images, that sort of thing. We never get around to it, though - Al is always tweaking the code, and the rest of them are adding more, newer shows. Sigh. I guess you'll have to look for tutorials elsewhere, for now. Maybe we'll have something cool someday, though..

So many new fansubs are coming out, it is hard to keep up! If you are looking for a particular gallery and you don't see it up, give it a few days, and we will have something ready. Trust me, we are working just as hard as you are watching!

Other notes - we're still working on getting good (note: "good") Full Metal Alchemist wallpapers. We haven't seen any really kung-fu awesome ones out there yet - none that we've actually asked to use on here. If you happen across one, please drop us a line - we are really looking to showcase this hot new show.

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Anime Hi-Res Pictures:

Magical Pokaan

  - perfect for wallpapers!


  - great pics of the ladies!