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Season 5!
Level: 88 - Sannin
Daitsuki Village
- The Village Hidden in the Moon -
Genjutsu: 30
Ninjutsu: 29
Taijutsu: 29
Doujutsu: 27
Permanent Items: 113
Trophies: 27
Player Ranking: Idle
-- Missions Completed --
D Missions: 1546
C Missions: 2887
B Missions: 4691
A Missions: 13743
AA Missions: 22999
S Missions: 465
Reaper Missions: 3036
Monochrome Missions: 2882
Outskirts Missions: 3577
Wasteland Missions: 2626
Burger Missions: 3901
R00t Missions: 2695

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