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Raftel Village
-The Village Hidden in the New World -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: Chiu
Number of Ninja: 38
AceofWeb, Aegri, aikyu, Alinette, Alreza, andrew3, ChillerNWA, D4rch, Deftblade, Feng, Flash, Frankjoint, Hakarr, Hyde, Kaizoku, Laken, Laurea, Legault, Lelouch 0, lolix, Madben, Mr Enigma, Naesbe, Narrator, Neogeo, Nikorayu, Olbaid, PintFro, shpuh, SkySkimmer, Sol Django, Taisi Ruui, taltamir, Tenran, TMNKobold, Valinor, Wimp Lo
Number of Upgrades: 184
War Status: Active!
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
COME ONE ... COME ALL ... See the AMAZING Chiubecca!

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