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Raftel Village
-The Village Hidden in the New World -
The slightest thought of this Village
sends you quaking in fear!
Village Leader: Chiu
Number of Ninja: 50
Alinette, Alreza, an18, Authority2, AxisAlias, bexx, Calornae, deathpunk, Deejay, Deftblade, Digisol, Endis, Eshalar, Geizt, Gulping, Hyde, HypoSoc, IconicS, Jakk, Jedlike, Kaizoku, Kamicolo, Killydd, klyoh, Lang2k7, Minniwa, Mizuuekage, Mr Enigma, NameSlayer, nejinaru, Noms, Nuriko, Obaasan, Olbaid, Petsy, r18, Raffles, ragerioyuu, shinobu, Shiro, shpuh, Sky Dance, SkySkimmer, Sol Django, Strakatus, talinuva, Tenran, TMNKobold, Valinor
Number of Upgrades: 183
War Status: Active!
Recruitment Status: Recruiting!
Risen from the ashes of Viking Village, we pride ourselves on being helpful and active as we seek out like-minded Ninjaz, proving every day that the best keep getting better. Care to join our legacy~?

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