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-- Recent Notes from 11DBHK (BvS Creator) --

Saturday 7/13 (13:23):

State of the Game update up below, thanks all -11

BvS News

Saturday 7/13 (13:23):

State of the Game

Hi everyone. So, here is the rundown:

i don't want to regale you with what we've gone through up here. Regardless, most of those issues were resolved late spring - new store location, more staff, and so on - and then just needed to finish off the convention season. Unfortunately, near the end of the season, there was a big fire near us that caused us to have to temporarily relocate, and then coming back to clean up and get back to normal took a lot longer than I thought it would. (I am leaving out details to avoid revealing my address, since it was a big fire and in the news)

Anywho, Connecticon next week, then I can work on Billy beyond just bugfixing.

Current Roadmap (any order):

1A: To make villages need less players.
1B: To finish the main plot (the Aboveground and then the last area)
1C: To work with Gauss on a special section together

Quality of Life upgrades:
2A: Email functionality
2B: Weird "sometimes" Paypal bug not autoKarmaing

Will add things to the above as appropriate (i.e. the PC thinks its a good idea).

A huge special thanks to Rider, Ren, and Gauss for helping me stay sane during all of this. I'm here, working as much as I can. Thank you all for your support over the years. -11

Wednesday 7/10 (17:20):

The July Festival is Coming!

Celebrate the 11th with BvS' Monthly Billyfest Festival!

- Tons of fun in-game events and prizes!

- For BillyClub members, The Monthly Giveaway!
Each BillyClub member will be given eleven tickets to put into raffles for the in-game items of their choice. At the end of the festival, one ticket will be drawn for each item, and that BC member gets it! If you were thinking about joining before, now's your best chance!

- Also for BC Members, the Bargletron gives +300 Stamina!

- Also Also for BC Members, it counts as a Mission Lady Day!

Prize List:
- Your Pet as an 11Cat
- 3 Mission Lady Day Boosters
- 3 +1500 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +1000 Stamina Boosters
- 3 +100% AP/JXP/Rep Boosters
- 3 +5 Deliveries Boosters
- 3 +5 Mahjong Games Boosters
- 3 +5 Glowslinging Duels Boosters
- 3 +10 SUPERFAIL Games Boosters
- 3 +5 Flower Wars Games Boosters
- 3 +10 BillyCon Flow Boosters
- 3 BillyCon Entry Boosters
- 3 +300 Electrum Pachinko Balls Boosters
- 3 +50 Pet Level / Get a Pet Boosters
- Free Awesome Restat Booster

Thank you all so much for playing, and for those of you that help keep the game running, I salute you - and shower you with presents! See you on the 11th! -11DBHK

Wednesday 7/10 (17:19):

Festival Results are in! Thanks, everyone, for your support!
3 +5 Mahjong Games Boosters:kitsune13
3 +5 Poker Games Boosters:shadowmyre
3 +5 Flower Wars Boosters:Brianna007
3 +10 Flow Boosters:shadowmyre
3 Mission Lady Day Boosters:Dimenea
Full Spiral Energy Booster:shadowmyre
3 +1000 Stamina Boosters:kitsune13
3 +1500 Stamina Boosters:WCat
3 +100% AP/JXP/Rep Boosters:DanaO
3 +5 Deliveries Boosters:Narutokun2
3 +5 Glowslinging Duels Boosters:shadowmyre
3 +10 SUPERFAIL Games Boosters:Dimenea
3 BillyCon Entry Boosters:Catprog
Awesome Restat Booster:Dummyman
3 +300 Electrum Pachinko Balls:Ren Po Ken
3 +50 Pet Point Boosters:MeilingSan

Congrats to Ninjas looping to a new Season today!

Season 20: LordRevan

Season 19: LordRevan

Dub This!
Server 2

Top Daily Players
Season 2+

The Island

Level 225
Gen: 75
Nin: 75
Tai: 75
Season 1


Level 71
Gen: 24
Nin: 23
Tai: 24
Game down or not working?
Can't get to the Bug Reporter?
Update Village size reqs
Next AboveGround Level
Gauss Section

Recent UI / Balance tweaks:
- ML maxed item upgrades marked for ease of leveling

Top Player Council Projects:
- (UI) Visual indication of leaving customers in Retail
- (UI) Rides warning when you use you last card you have (had) equiped.
- From Suggestion ID 2102: Cosplay piece/complete counter on packing page
This Hour's Top Item Count:
Tasty Tonic
1. TMNKobold2611
2. Khaile2046
3. JayZJay904
4. MoonBurst893
5. JustGoBOOM805
6. DanaO653
7. ahoyaro535
8. DarkShaman503
9. Gauss384
10. Rui362
11. RinaR91191