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Online DVD Rental is one of the easiest ways to watch all of the domestically-released anime out there if you are on a budget. Each of the four major players out there have both pros and cons with their programs: (prices are for 3 DVDs at a time)

NetflixCost: 17.99Speed: Anime Library Size:
Netflix ties for the best library out there - with rare exceptions (often brought about by deals with the anime companies themselves), they have every DVD that you can buy on the shelves available for rent. They take about two days for turnaround - if you drop your DVD in the mail on Monday, you'll get your next one on Wednesday. Some newer anime (a 'disc one' that just hit the shelves, for example) may have a slight wait on it, but they have a pretty good quantity of anime.

BlockbusterCost: 14.99Speed: Anime Library Size:
Blockbuster has a library that is just as good as Netflix - however, it takes one or two more days for turnaround. A bonus, however, is included with your monthly charge you receive two coupons a month, good for a free DVD or game rental at one of their stores.

WalmartCost: 12.99Speed: Anime Library Size:
Walmart's price is the lowest, hands down. However, they only carry 'family-friendly' DVD titles, and also don't carry the less popular anime DVDs. Be sure to check out their online library listing to see if they carry what you want.

DVD AvenueCost: 19.95Speed: Anime Library Size:
DVD Avenue is the newest player out there. They don't have the best selection (while better than Walmart's), and they take about four days for turnaround, they do allow you to rent PS2 games as well as DVDs for no extra charge. This might be something you are interested in.

The real value of all these places is that you can watch those long shows (Robotech, for example) without shelling out the three hundred bucks needed to watch the DVDs yourself. Get three DVDs in the mail, and watch one a day, constantly cycling through all the stuff you always wanted to see. In fact, these programs all have free two week trials - if there is that one show you are just dying to see, this might be a way to watch it without paying a dime. ^^;

In case you were wondering, we here at the Cube use Netflix - they are about a day faster than Blockbuster, so we make up that extra three dollars a month in all the DVDs we watch. ^^

Well, the least you can do is go see what titles they have - their libraries are all online. Take a look!

DVD Avenue
For only $14.95 a month get unlimited DVD rentals without any late fees or due dates at DVD Avenue

Anime game rentals

Pretty good service, cheap, not that extensive of a collection, though. Also, you can only keep each DVD for 7 days.