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The best place we've found to make LJ quizzes is Anime Versus. Hands down, they are the fastest and easiest way to make your quizzes, and they have really good ones on their front page (which is where yours will go too if it is funny enough.)

Due to hacking, we've decided just to post links to anime quiz (or anime personality test) pages, and anime purity tests, with a focus on anime personality quizzes. Below are some of the best anime quizzes and anime purity test pages we could find. Good luck with the next anime personality quiz you take!

General Alxnet Quiz
The first quiz we found - more to come!

What Escaflowne character are you?
Escaflowne characters for your blog

Anime challenge
Test your anime powers

What Alice 19th character are you?
Alice 19th characters for your LiveJournal

What Naruto character are you?
Naruto characters for your LiveJournal

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