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Anime Music Videos One of the fastest ways to experience an entire anime is through an anime music video - and if you have already seen an entire series, this is also the best way to relieve all of the best parts of the show! Free music videos have been put together by fans for the past decade or so, and with today's technology making it a breeze to edit, and digital fansubs ('digisubs') making it easy to capture, anyone can make one!

Of all these new music video creators, a few studios have risen to the top, and a few sites have popped up that catalog all the newest downloads. Where one person might cobble together a video and host it themselves, now there are entire studios that produce and distribute their work, and with Bittorrent, hosting them is possible for more people. Some sites offer music video clips, some have lists of torrents available, and every group worth its salt has its own site. Scroll on down for a simple list to get you just where you need to go!
Approximate number of AMVs: 3000 is the one stop place for your AMV needs. It's currently the largest community for the downloading, sharing, creation and appreciation of AMVs. Once you get your membership your on your way to a great user experience. Download your favorite videos from the huge library available. Simply type into the search what you're looking for. If you're not sure the title of the AMV you need to find, you can search by song, artist, anime or creator (among others) to help narrow it down. A few of the best features are that you can upload your own AMVs, get feedback, rate your downloads and keep a journal connected to buddies who share your interests. It's a community as well as a great source for all of those AMVs you just can't live with out.

Aluminum Studios
Approximate number of AMVs: 30

Aluminum Studios is responsible for many an award winning video and has premiered AMVs at several cons. In 2004 alone AMV "Chinmoku" won Drama runner up (Otakon) , Best in Show (CNanime) Best Artistic and Best Technical (Anime Weekend Atlanta). One of the top studios producing AMVs, describes several of their videos and gives a brief synopsis behind each one. Be sure to take a look at the Digital Video link for some tutorials and articles you might find interesting if you want to start your own AMV project.

Vicbond007 Productions
Approximate number of AMVs: 14

Vicbond007 Productions has spear-headed technical and special effects in AMVs bringing their work to the forefront when it comes to unique and snazzy videos. They have dozens of wins from several cons to demonstrate their success. With a distinctive style and excellent quality, Vicbond007 Productions produces some of the most popular and classic AMVs to date (Noir-Die Another Day, Cowboy Bebop 007 and more). The site offers a blog and brief description of many of the AMV's. Otakon 2004 awarded Vicbond007 first in it's category for "Believe."

Doki Doki Productions
Approximate number of AMVs: 21

Probably best known for their parodies, Doki Doki Productions continues to demonstrate their ability to make fun, hilarious and memorable AMVs. From "Senshi on Springer" to "Lollipops, Sunshine and rrrRRRrrr" the videos are high quality and award winning smash hits. The site contains a blog, brief descriptions of their videos and several helpful links.

Absolute Destiny
Approximate number of AMVs: 29

Absolute Destiny hasn't produced the most AMV's, but their few are popular and enjoyable. Most likely their best known are "I Wish I Was a Lesbian" and "Virtual Anime" which demonstrate a command over quality and editing skill. The effects are impressive and convincing. Their site contains projects and descriptions. A tutorial is available at for tips on making your own AMV.

Zero Gravity Studios
Approximate number of AMVs: 6

Zero Gravity Studios hosts award winning Final Fantasy AMVs downloadable directly from the site. Be sure to check out their AMV "Crash". It's one of their most touching productions and most critically acclaimed videos.

Approximate number of AMVs: 31

NHMK hosts a variety of videos easily downloaded right from the site. "Grand Theft Bebop 2: Vice City" is highly recommended if you haven't seen it. Scroll down and give it a try. You won't be disappointed. "The Duel" is a classic you shouldn't pass up either. There are over 50 AMVs available so explore the site and enjoy. There are some good tips on editing and transitions if you follow the EDIT link.

Approximate number of AMVs: 35

AMVSLASH hosts 35 AMVS (several are DBZ) and guest AMVs. Take a peek at their wallpapers section.

Studio Ghibli Music Videos
Approximate number of AMVs: 5

This site hosts a small collection of good Studio Ghibli AMVs.

How to Make Your Own AMV
Approximate number of AMVs: None

If you don't know where to get started, this site can help. There are several links with helpful suggestions and tutorials. There is a comprehensive Adobe Premier Tutorial to give you a hand if you're stuck. Also, if you're not sure what software you might need, there's a beneficial list of suggestions. Browse through to see if your questions can be answered quickly without painstaking trial and error.

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