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Pokemon Pokemon started as a small Game Boy game from Game Freak, and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon! With multiple games, TV shows, manga, even movies, just about anything there is out there has Pikachu's grubby little paws in it! ^^

This page will be the best site for all the info you'd ever want on Pokemon, from pictures, to cards and games, to links to other great sites. Stay tuned!
Content: All Things Pokemon

This is a really nice Flash site with all official information regarding your favorite pocket sized monsters. I highly recommend this site if you're just getting into your Pokemon obsession. It has everything you need to know regarding the card game, video games, TV show and movies. It's super easy to navigate. The news section is particularly nice. It's updated often and coming right from the source, so you know it's on the ball! Enjoy some online games and wallpaper downloads while you're there.

Content: All Things Pokemon Gaming

It's your official stop for Pokemon gaming info right from the source. The main focus of this site is the video games. All of the games out are listed here. Find out how to connect your games, what's new in the Pokemon gaming world and enjoy some decent free downloads. The site's a nice combination of Flash and HTML, easy to navigate and full of information for you if you're into the video games. Highly recommended if you're new to gaming with Pokemon.

Pokemon TCG
Content: Trading card Games

Are card games more your style? Just picking up the trade? This official Pokemon Card Game site is perfect for you. Learn how to play, pick up strategies and learn about all the cards. This site is recommended for beginners as novices would most likely be bored by the content. However, they do have the organized play feature, which allows you to create leagues, join up and participate in tournaments. Anyone can appreciate the nice downloads section as well as the quality fanart up for viewing. You can even submit your own art. So, even if you know it all, there's still plenty to like about this Flash website.

Fanart Central
Content: Fanart

Even more Pokemon fanart! Highly recommended for a large selection. Skill level ranges from beginner to experienced and there are hundreds upon hundreds of images in this gallery. You can view the archive through several options. List the images by character, viewer ratings, artist names etc. If you have time just click THUMBNAILS to see them all! A nice feature of this site is that each thumbnail is rated for content. The few images that do have an R rated are not previewed, so you don't need to see anything you don't want to! There are many other galleries to check out while you're there!

Pokemon Village
Content: Fanfiction

This is a site with many things Pokemon, but I highly recommend it if you're looking for fanfiction. There are hundreds of stories to browse and all are rated and voted on by readers. It's easy to find a high quality tale to enjoy. Also on this site are reviews, downloads, image galleries and much, much more! If you want to take a break from your reading, it's not difficult to distract yourself with lots of Pokemon fandom!

Pokemon Tower
Content: Fanfiction and Fanart

This site carries a large collection of fanfiction and fanart. View galleries by artist or author. They have a Reader's Choice Awards so you can skip to the best stories or images. The fanfiction and fanart consist of varying skill levels. While browsing through, I could not find anything offensive, but always proceed with caution when viewing galleries such as this. Recommended for fanfiction and fanart fans alike.

Kidz World
Content: Reviews

Want the bottom line concerning all those games? Want to know if they're any good, how fun they are, what hidden stuff you might have missed? This is a great site for reviews. It's a bit extensive, so you have to search the titles you want, but I found 28 Pokemon video game and TCG reviews, each featuring a different game. So, if you're desperate to solve that one teaser, or you aren't sure if you want to shell out the bucks quite yet, read up on the game in question on this site.

Pojo's Pokemon Site
Content: TV and Movies

This is a fantastic site for Pokemon gamers. It's updated with news and has dozens of links concerning the video games and TCG. Read up on articles, reviews, hints, tips and other facts concerning all of the games. There is also extensive information on the TV series, movies, DVD and video releases. It's a fine site if you're interested in any of these things, but it's particularly strong in the area of gaming.

Pika Flash
Content: Downloads

Looking for some Pokemon goodies? This site has a lot of nice, free downloads featuring all sorts of stuff for fans. This is a wonderful Flash site containing bios, information from the gaming companies, video from the anime and more. It's very high quality and fun to browse. There are lots of wallpapers to check out along with a lot of other cool stuff to poke' up your computer.

Pokemon Elite 2000
Content: All Things Pokemon

Looking for something Pokemon? Chances are you'll find it here! There's information on anything you could think of from gaming, to the anime as well as image galleries, downloads and reviews. Find out about Pokemon hoaxes, misinformation, rumors and a lot more. The layout is really nice and clean. You can search for information on video games by system, images by type etc. There's so much info on this website, it's truly amazing. If you're stuck on something, come here to get it sorted out.

Pokemon Palace
Content: Movies

This website has many things and is high quality, but I am recommending it particularly for its comprehensive guide to Pokemon movies and specials. It's the only site I've found that lists them all in one place. Read up on the theatrical releases, the shorts, find out premier dates and more. Plus, if you get tired of that you can check out the other nice features of the site. It's large and comprehensive. You're bound to find a lot to interest you here!

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