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Pokemon Pokemon started as a small Game Boy game from Game Freak, and has grown into a worldwide phenomenon! With multiple games, TV shows, manga, even movies, just about anything there is out there has Pikachu's grubby little paws in it! ^^

This page will be the best site for all the info you'd ever want on Pokemon, from pictures, to cards and games, to links to other great sites. Stay tuned!
Content: All Things Pokemon

This is a really nice Flash site with all official information regarding your favorite pocket sized monsters. I highly recommend this site if you're just getting into your Pokemon obsession. It has everything you need to know regarding the card game, video games, TV show and movies. It's super easy to navigate. The news section is particularly nice. It's updated often and coming right from the source, so you know it's on the ball! Enjoy some online games and wallpaper downloads while you're there.

Pojo's Pokemon Site
Content: TV and Movies

This is a fantastic site for Pokemon gamers. It's updated with news and has dozens of links concerning the video games and TCG. Read up on articles, reviews, hints, tips and other facts concerning all of the games. There is also extensive information on the TV series, movies, DVD and video releases. It's a fine site if you're interested in any of these things, but it's particularly strong in the area of gaming.

Recent Pokemon News

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Man of Many Faces
Man of Many Faces

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Crazy Misikusu
Crazy Misikusu

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Plawres Sanshiro
Plawres Sanshiro

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359 views today


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