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Welcome to Anime Versus! Fight your friends (and perfect strangers) in the things that really matter. The more friends you team up with, the cooler stuffs you can get! Win a little fame, be featured on ads seen by millions per month, and maybe take home a prize or two!

All for free. How cool is that?

News Updates

BRAND NEW GAME!: There's a sequel to AnimeVersus! Check out Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN today! If you've Transmuted, you can even make an item for your Billy Character! Check your Main Page for details!

How to Play
Make a Character
Check the Leader Boards
Look up someone!

Yesterday's Top 20: They get 100 bonus XP -
if you didn't, you can get 15 bonus XP for beating them!
DKingLinkTommy DragoonproplySteven Whatley
#1 player!
They win a free level -
beat them for 100 XP!

Level: 1
Strength: 75 / 1
Intelligence: 75 / 1
Magic: 75 / 1
Hotness: 74 / 1
Fangirls: 75 / 1


Top Gallery Images

Hanamaru Go Go
Hanamaru Go Go

376 views today
Cherry Hill Angels
Cherry Hill Angels

372 views today

370 views today
Big Wars
Big Wars

364 views today
Pyun Pyun
Pyun Pyun

362 views today
Plawres Sanshiro
Plawres Sanshiro

355 views today

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