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Anime Videos For those of you on a budget, there are plenty of anime videos freely available online for download, straight off of Japanese television! Due to the wonder of Bittorrent, a browser addon available in our Bittorrent Download section, you can download fansubbed anime episodes of almost every show that isn't licensed in the US!

(So you know, you aren't going to find any licensed downloads here - we abide by the domestic companies' wishes).

Below are listed the best places to find anime videos, as well as the most popular folks who take the public broadcasts from Japan and subtitle them for us all!


Animesuki is a great place to start if you know exactly what series you want to download, but it's excellent if you just want to browse for something new. Animesuki lists their information by most recent releases, fansub groups, series, mirrors, and is searchable in case you missed an episode. All of their mirrors are currently up to date and they have a FAQ and a forum. Animesuki makes a point of keeping a Licensed Anime database and an explanation of licensed anime available through their main page.


Scarywater is another great place to browse around and find your new favorite show. They list their information by fansub groups as well as providing the most recently added torrents and links of interest. Statistics are updated every five minutes, and they even graph their users and traffic levels! News about series/shows/movies that have been licensed appears in their Server News section. Anime-Otakus


ANBU is one of the biggest names out there, with a trend towards subbing the 'flashier' anime. Considered one of the fastest in the industry, they also post a copy of the Berne Convention (the international law involving fansubbing), if you are interested - check their FAQ!


Live-eviL hosts some great anime series (as well as the Peach Girl live action drama, featuring Vanness Wu of Meteor Garden fame)! While they may not be as speedy as some of the other fansub groups, their work is virtually perfect and the visual quality is high. They provide news updates directly on their page as well as through an RSS feed and keep a full year's worth of their news archives available.

Lunar Anime

Lunar Anime is a Bleach fan's dream come true. Their turn-around time is super fast and their translations are great. Their website looks pretty swanky too: they feature their latest headlines, a full list of their current and past projects, all releases available to torrent and fan forums. They even have wallpapers for you to look through while you wait for your download to finish up!


Naisho seems to be subbing both the big deal shonen anime along with some of the lesser-known (but still very good) shojo. Not as quick on their turn-around time as some of the other fansub groups, but the payoff comes from the great subtitles they provide. Naisho has just opened up a website of their own with a forum and news posts.

SD Project

SD Project hosts a great collection of shojo! Their release rate is very good for most of the series, although Glass Mask is a little slower. Their subtitles are clear and well done. SD's website lists their news and updates, a BitTorrent Tracker, current projects, staff contact information and latest releases by date. They occasionally recruit new staff members, so if you're interested in working on a fansub, check their SD_Various section.


Solar not only provides good-quality subtitles and shows, they host a board for registered members to discuss their projects or contact staff members directly. They list the most active topics each day so it's easy to join the discussion. Their turn-around time is typically pretty good, often with two or more shows being released in one day.


Soldats is a well-known, “old school” fansub group that's had plenty of time to get their subtitling technique in good order, although their release schedule is a bit slow. The fact that they host so many great shows more than makes up for the lack of daily updates. Their website features current news, projects, profiles of the group members, forums and IRC.


Shining does a fantastic job; their subtitles feature good grammar and spelling and are easy to read. They also do a good job of making sure to get their projects out in a timely fashion. Shining has a great website that features news posts, a list of their past and current projects, all torrents, forums, feedback and links. They currently have at least three vacancies open, so get in touch with them if you'd like to join their staff.


Static-Subs is fast - sometimes they release three episodes in one day! They do a pretty good job with their subtitles as well. Their site has the group's news posts, a list of all projects, IRC, team members and a lively forum. They also make sure to put up some nice screencaps so you can take a look before starting a new series.

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