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Korean Drama When it comes to short-run whimsical soap operas (or 'dramas' for those who don't like the term 'soap opera' ^^;), The asian drama studios - particularly Korean drama studios - have the artform down. Here we give a synopsis of the most popular asian dramas, as well as links to their original pages, the cheapest place to buy them, as well as pictures and wallpapers!

The most popular - and arguably best - by far is Full House based on the comic of the same name. This page has the pictures and wallpapers from that show - scroll below them for information on lots more awesome shows!

Full House
Number of Episodes: 16

After returning from her vacation, aspiring author Han Ji Eun discovers that her family home has been sold - without her consent - to famous actor Lee Young Jae. Young Jae has been trying to hide out from some nasty rumors about his sexuality and sees a perfect opportunity: he and Ji Eun will enter into a contractual marriage and pretend to be a real couple. In exchange, Ji Eun will do the cooking and cleaning and the house will be hers again after six months. Sounds simple, right? Wrong! Young Jae has been allowing the rumors to fly because he's really too afraid to tell his childhood friend Kang Hae Won that he's in love with her. Hae Won is blissfully unaware of Young Jae's feelings because she is love with their other childhood friend, Yoo Min Hyuk. As if that weren't enough of a love tangle, Ji Eun starts to fall for Young Jae despite their promise to keep things 'just business', and Min Hyuk starts to fall for Ji Eun. Will everyone end up happy, or will there be more than one broken heart?

Stairway to Heaven
Number of Episodes: 20

Stairway to Heaven is a Cinderella story with a twist. When Song-ju and Jung-suh were children, they were best friends and shared everything. Unfortunately for Jung-suh, her father falls in love with and marries a greedy woman with two children from a previous marriage. Yuri, Jung-suh's new step-sister, can't stand Jung-suh's privileged upbringing and vows to take everything away from her. Jung-suh's new step-brother Tae-hwa is just the opposite of Yuri: he becomes her guardian, protective and helpful when Yuri and her mother torment Jung-suh. Song-ju leaves Jung-suh to study in the US for three years, and when he returns, he asks Jung-suh to meet with him. This infuriates Yuri, who severely injures Jung-suh in a hit-and-run car accident. Song-ju thinks Jung-suh is dead and, heartbroken over her death, leaves with Yuri for the states. Tae-hwa nurses Jung-suh back to health, but she has amnesia and doesn't remember anything about her past. Tae-hwa decides that it's in Jung-suh's best interests to have a fresh start with him. When Song-ju and Yuri return from the states, Song-ju spots the love he thought he lost and things spin terribly out of control.

The Sad Love Story(Sad Love Song)
Number of Episodes: 20

Seo Jun-young gets into fights with his classmates until his teacher assigns him the task of assisting Park Hye-in, a blind student. Hye-in and Jun-young become friends, and Hye-in turns Jun-young's anger toward the more productive pursuit of songwriting. Jun-young changes his name to Choi Jun-kyu in order to hide his low social status and he moves away from Hye-in to attend a better high school; 'Jun-kyu' meets and befriends Lee Gun-woo. After Hye-in moves to New York City to be with her aunt and her aunt's new husband, Jun-young is devastated but has no money to go after her. Gun-woo goes to New York City to study and meets Hye-in and her aunt for the first time. They are desperate to return home to South Korea; Gun-woo falls in love with Hye-in and rescues her from her problems. Hye-in receives false news that Jun-young has died and she is utterly devastated. Gun-woo stands by her and eventually they become engaged and return to South Korea. Because Gun-woo and 'Jun-kyu' are best friends, Gun-woo wants him to be the first to meet his fiancee. When the childhood sweethearts are reunited, the love triangle explodes and Hye-in must decide between the two men.

All About Eve
Number of Episodes: 20

Break out the boxing gloves because Jin Sun-mi and Hu Young-mi are going head to head in the TV news ring, and the prize isn't just the best job around. Sun-mi is a genuinely sweet and likeable person who had a happy and comfortable upbringing with a loving family. Young-mi's childhood wasn't anywhere near as nice as Sun-mi's, but after fighting her way into college she's not about to let anyone else take her place at the top. Sun-mi is in love with Kim Woo-jin, but Woo-jin only sees her as a younger sister. Sensing an opportunity, Young-mi puts the moves on Woo-jin and much to Sun-mi's dismay, he seems to be falling for Young-mi! Sun-mi goes to London to try to patch up her broken heart and meets Yun Hyung-chul. Sun-mi and Hyung-chul bond and he falls in love with her. Despite Hyung-chul's sweetness, Sun-mi can't shake her feelings for Woo-jin - or her bitterness toward the scheming, two-faced Young-mi. The stakes get higher and higher as Sun-mi fights for the top news anchor spot and to earn Woo-jin's love. Does she have what it takes, or will Young-mi win it all?

Memory of Bali (What Happened in Bali)
Number of Episodes: 20

Lee Soo-jung is poor and trying to make it on her own as a tour guide in Bali. She dreams of meeting a rich man who will fall in love with her and save her from her painful past and thieving brother. She meets up with Kang In-wook, Choi Young-joo and Jung Jae-min who are caught in a destructive love triangle. Soo-jung is humiliated by Jae-min and In-wook overhears her sobbing; his cold exterior melts and he begins to feel for her. Although Young-joo is in love with In-wook, her parents are blackmailing her into a marriage with Jae-min; Jae-min can't stand Young-joo and begins to think more and more about Soo-jung. Soo-jung's financial problems become more desperate, forcing her to borrow money from Jae-min and giving him an excuse to remain close to her. Jae-min's parents find out about his deepening relationship with Soo-jung and as Young-joo and In-wook's jealousy grows Jae-min is forced to end his relationship with Soo-jung. Far from improving the situation, the separation adds fuel to an already out of control fire. Brace yourself for the ending of Memory of Bali - it's truly shocking and just might leave you speechless.

First Love of a Royal Prince9 The Prince's First Love)
Number of Episodes: 20

Kim Yoo-bin is living a happy and carefree life working at a fancy tropical resort. Even though the job doesn't pay well and her mother nags her every day to get a better job, she loves life and is willing to pay her dues in order to become more successful. She just happens to work at a resort owned by Choi Gun-hee's parents; Gun-hee is fabulously wealthy, is used to having everything done for him and will inherit the Choi fortune. He has no desire to hang out with anyone other than the rich and powerful - but then he meets Yoo-bin and his life starts to change. Cha Seung-hyun wants to have money and be successful like the Choi family, and it could be he's a lot closer to that goal than he ever realized. He's a hard worker and focuses almost exclusively on work and money - until he meets Yoo-bin. Now Yoo-bin has the attention of two very different men, and she'll have to face fierce competition from Gun-hee's scheming girlfriend Lee Hye-mi. Once Yoo-bin makes her choice, will Gun-hee or Seung-hyun have changed their bad habits enough to be truly happy with her?

Lovers in Paris (Romance in Paris)
Number of Episodes: 20

While studying in Paris, Kang Tae-young meets the wealthy Han Ki-joo, president of GD Motors. Ki-joo hires her to be the housekeeper for him and his nephew Yoon Soo-hyuk so she can make ends meet. Soo-hyuk is laid-back and friendly, but Ki-joo is demanding and fires Tae-young because he doesn't think she does a good enough job. Luckily for Tae-young, she just happens to be from the same town as the wife of one of Ki-joo's potential business partners: Tae-young can have her job back if she'll pretend to be Ki-joo's girlfriend, but things go poorly, they fight and their 'relationship' ends on bad terms. All three meet up again in Korea, where Ki-joo apologizes to Tae-young and Soo-hyuk falls in love with her. Through many coincidental meetings, Ki-joo and Tae-young begin to develop feelings for each other and they start to date for real. Ki-joo's parents suddenly announce that they have arranged a marriage for him with Moon Yoon-ah, one of Tae-young's former classmates. Yoon-ah wants Ki-joo's money and a higher social status and certainly won't let Tae-young get in her way. Add in Soo-hyuk's attempts to split Ki-joo and Tae-young apart, and you can expect a bumpy ride!

Save the Last Dance for Me (Save Your Last Dance for Me)
Number of Episodes: 20

Kang Hyeon-woo is the heir to the Global Group corporation but would much prefer to live a simple life as a photographer. Unhappy with his strictly controlled life and impending arranged marriage, he storms off, gets into an accident and loses his memory. He makes his way to an inn called the Dreaming Forest, where the owner's daughter, Ji Eun-soo, starts to take care of and refer to Hyeon-woo as 'Baek Chang-ho', since he doesn't remember his own name. A year passes and Hyeon-woo continues to live happily at the Dreaming Forest with Eun-soo. The two fall in love and plan to marry, but a death prior to the ceremony spooks Hyeon-woo and he leaves Eun-soo behind. The stress has forced all of his memories back, and he remembers not only that he's a wealthy future CEO, but that someone is out to get him...

Number of Episodes: 16

Kim Chae-won is a 20-something new teacher who is having a tough time getting settled into her career. She meets Choi Kwan-woo, a singer, and instantly has a crush on him. The feeling is mutual, but since Kwan-woo is still in high school he lies to Chae-won about his age. Unfortunately, Chae-won also lies about not only her age, but the fact that she is a teacher. Kwan-woo is forced to transfer schools and winds up with Chae-won as his teacher! Despite this controversy, the two are still in love and plan to continue seeing each other. When the relationship is brought into the open, neither Chae-won or Kwan-woo's parents are thrilled; Chae-won is pushed into an arranged marriage with a former boyfriend. Can Chae-won and Kwan-woo overcome age differences and traditional parents to make a happy life together?

Winter Sonata (Winter Love Song - Winter Ballad - Endless Love II)
Number of Episodes: 20

Kang Joon-sang grew up only knowing his mother. She has repeatedly told him that his father is dead, but Joon-sang disagrees and wants to find the truth for himself. He moves to his mother's hometown, enrolls in a high school there and meets Jung Yoo-jin. Gradually, Yoo-jin and Joon-sang become friends and fall in love - then Joon-sang finds out that Yoo-jin's late father might really be his father as well. He decides to leave her forever, but in an attempt to see her one last time, is hit by a car and his friends are told that the accident killed him. In reality, his mother has come for him and decides to let all of his painful memories remain buried. She gives him a new name (Lee Min-hyung), ten years pass, and high school friends Yoo-jin, Kim Sang-hyuk and Oh Che-lin meet up to celebrate Yoo-jin's birthday. Yoo-jin is now engaged to Sang-hyuk, but Che-lin is engaged to Lee Min-hyung! Yoo-jin can't believe her eyes - could this really be Joon-sang? The two are drawn closer together and fall in love once more. Can they find the truth about their past, or are they destined to be apart?

Rooftop Room Cat (Attic Cat)
Number of Episodes: 16

Lee Kyung-min is in his final year of law school, but instead of studying, he's thinking up schemes to get Na Hye-ryun's attention. He's been in love with Hye-ryun for ages and thinks he's finally discovered the ideal plan: he'll show her how sensitive and generous he is by renting a room for Hye-ryun's best friend Nam Jung-eun, who is dirt poor and still looking for a job. Too bad for Kyung-min - not only is Hye-ryun in love with someone else (Lee Hyun-woo), all of Kyung-min's studies and scheming have run up some serious debt. Loan sharks are after him, but just when he thinks he has nowhere to go, Jung-eun spots him and lets him hide out with her. Jung-eun gets a job working for Lee Hyun-woo, who is charmed by Jung-eun's free-spirited and courageous attitude. Kyung-min, on the other hand, fights with Jung-eun constantly and is convinced that their relationship is platonic at best. When Kyung-min starts to see what a great person Jung-eun really is, Hyun-woo starts competing with him. Hye-ryun doesn't want to lose Hyun-woo and really lets Jung-eun feel her anger. Will Jung-eun choose Hyun-woo, or has she fallen for Kyung-min despite his attitude?

Shotgun Marriage (Dekichatta Kekkon)
Number of Episodes: 11

Hirao Ryunosuke is an advertising executive living the playboy lifestyle and loving it. His best friend Kawaguchi Eitaro calls him and invites him on a group beach resort vacation, and of course Ryunosuke accepts - there should be lots of hot women at the beach. He meets up with Eitaro, Eitaro's girlfriend Kotani Aki, Aki's younger sister Kotani Chiyo, and Chiyo's best friend Arimori Misato. Ryunosuke flirts with just about every woman around, but sees Chiyo on the beach later that evening. They get caught up in the romance and wind up having a one-night stand. Five weeks later, Aki is worried that she's pregnant. In order to help Aki work up the courage to have a pregnancy test, Chiyo agrees to have one done too. As it turns out, Aki isn't pregnant, but Chiyo is! Eitaro and Aki help her track Ryunosuke down, and although he is shocked at first, he decides that he wants to support her and the baby. Chiyo's father, however, is not at all pleased and disapproves of the relationship. They marry for the child's benefit, but will they grow to love and understand each other too?

Successful Story of a Bright Girl (Joyful Girl's Success Story)
Number of Episodes: 16

Poor Cha Yang-soon: she daydreams through school, is super poor and her parents are con artists. To add to her troubles, the locals have taken her away from her grandmother and sent her to Seoul to earn back all of the money her parents stole. In Seoul she discovers she's been hired as the housekeeper for Han Gi-tae, a short-tempered young cosmetics executive she met earlier under very unusual circumstances. Gi-tae's fiancee Yoon Na-hee immediately decides that she hates Yang-soon and does her best to torment her as often as possible. Gi-tae's poor people skills have earned him many enemies, including his cousin Han Joon-tae; to make matters worse, Joon-tae is in love with Na-hee. Gi-tae's increasing interest in Yang-soon leads Na-hee to conspire with Joon-tae, and Gi-tae is cheated out of the cosmetics company and he falls into poverty. Yang-soon's determination and perpetual happiness encourage Gi-tae to form a plan to get his company back. Can Gi-tae overcome his past bad attitude, get his house and company back and win Yang-soon's heart in the process?

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