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How to Play

Anime Versus is a browser-based online game where you can fight your friends, conquer quests, and win prizes! 'How To Play' is broken into five parts: the Short Version, the Long Version, Prizes, Glossary, and the FAQ.

The Short Version

Create a character in the 'Make a Character' section, and then hit the Upgrade section. From here, you can fight people 25 times per day, spend your XP on new stats, and eventually make a Rivals List so you can fight your friends, upload your own picture, and even go on quests!

When you get in a fight, a random stat is picked, and whichever of the two of you has the higher stat wins! If you win, you get a chunk of XP, that eventually levels you up, giving you more points to win more fights! You can earn more XP by fighting in brackets higher than the one you are in (pick which one you want on the Upgrade screen), inviting friends by putting your avatar on your webpage and getting people to click through it to join up, and making a Rivals List to fight your friends for free! Have fun, and best of luck!

The Long Version

Main Page
Here you'll see the daily news, the top XP earner for yesterday, the Top 20 list, and links to the Leader Boards, Lookup, Character Creation, and this How to Play page.
- Top players are determined by the amount of XP they earned the previous day (not counting bonuses from people joining, or from being in the Top 20 the day before).
- The top player receives the amount of XP they need to spend to level up. If they are at a level cap, they instead receive 500 XP at the beginning of the day.
- The other Top 20 players get 100 XP.

Character Creation Page
Here's where you make your starting character.
- Letters, numbers, and spaces only for your name.
- Not all characters are allowed in passwords. You may need to pick a new one.
- Note that passwords are not sent in an encrypted format at all times. Don't use a password that you use for something else as well.
- Your name can't be longer than 15 characters. Also, it can't start or end with a space. ALSO, if you try to get around our curse word filter, and actually DO, we won't make a big scene, we'll just delete your character and ban your IP. Don't be an idiot, and don't waste our time.
- Use exactly 25 points in your starting stats. Whole numbers only, nothing less than 1. (Playing tip: Focus on 2-4 stats, at least to start. You'll get a lot more early wins if you beef up just a few of your stats.)

Lookup Page
Type in a name, and find out that player's character stats.
- These stats are absolutely current.
- Red stars denote Hyper abilities - the number in the stars is the number of Hypers they have left in that stat.
- Blue words mean they have a Boss Shield in that stat.

Leader Boards
- Players are listed by order of XP earned in the previous day.
- Whoever gets first place is automatically second place the next day, with all of the bonuses as normal.
- Only players who earned XP yesterday are shown.
- Click on a player to do a lookup on them.

Upgrade Screen
Here's where you can access all of the options to customize and upgrade your character.

- Character Data: This shows your name, level, attributes (which will be blue if you have a Boss Shield in that ability), total Hypers (and Hypers left for the day in parentheses), current XP, current Awesome, the amount needed to level ('MAX' will appear if you are at a level cap), attribute upgrades that are available, Hyper upgrades that are available, and fights left for the day.

- LJ / Avatars and Forum Sig: Each of the boxes here will allow you to post an avatar of your character to various online pages. People that start playing the game through the links in these will give you 250 XP the day after they reach level 10. Note: We watch these logs, and their IPs. If we see that you have a lot of people 'making characters' through you, getting to level 10, and stopping there, especially when they come from the same computer or network as you, we'll audit your account. If we believe that you are making characters just to get yourself the bonus, bam, deleted. You've been warned.

- Suggestions / Bug Report: Put your suggestions and bug reports here. This is NOT a box for you to type "LOL I WANT MOAR FIGHTS", but a place to put good info. If we take your suggestion / bug report and act on it, you'll get bonus XP. Note: cursing at the mods, or spamming this box, will get your character deleted.

- Moderator Messages: Mods'll drop you a line here if they want to tell you something. A button will be next to their message to confirm that you've read it - be sure to hit it once you are done.

- Level Up: If you have 15 times your current level in XP, you can spend it to level up by clicking this button. (The button only shows when you can buy a level) You can't buy levels 41, 61, and 81 - once you complete the associated level cap quests, you'll automatically level to these once you hit 40, 60, and 80 respectively. Your starting level maximum is 40.

- Fight: If you have fights left, clicking this will take you to a random fight against someone in your selected bracket (see 'Fight Screen'). If you use up all your fights for the day, you'll get an additional 20 Awesome as a bonus at the beginning of the next day.

- Change Difficulty: You pick your bracket here. Your 'normal' bracket is based on your current maximum possible level (if you are level 19, but have enough XP to level to 22, you are in the 20's bracket), is marked in bold. Selecting a bracket higher or lower than you has certain benefits (see 'Fight Screen'). As soon as you pick your bracket, the screen will re-load - if you have Javascript turned off, you'll have to hit the 'Change Bracket' button.

- Level Bonuses: Here's where any bonuses you've accumulated based on level, quests, and stats are shown. Here is a list of the publically known bonuses (there are secret bonuses that are not yet widely known), and they are cumulative (15 Str gives you both the 10 and 15 Str bonus) -

10 points in Strength: Win ties in all fights.
15 points in Strength: Only spend 1 Hyper when breaking a Boss Shield (you still need to have 2 available)
10 points in Intelligence: 5 extra fights a day.
15 points in Intelligence: 7 more extra fights a day.
10 points in Magic: +30% bonus to your chance of getting a rare item when you pick up any item.
15 points in Magic: You get double the Awesome when you start a fight with a rival.
10 points in Hotness: You are considered to have 40 more XP in the daily standings.
15 points in Hotness: You also gain a +50% more XP with any bonus for being, or beating, a Top 20 / Number 1 player.
10 points in Fangirls: get +1 XP for every fight.
15 points in Fangirls: get another +2 XP for every fight.
20 points in any attribute: also get +10 XP per day per attribute 20 or above.
25 points in any attribute: also get another +5 XP per day per attribute 25 or above.
Level 10: You can start a Rival list, Restat, and upload a Custom Picture.
Level 20: You can fight Bosses to gain Boss Shield abilities.
Level 35: You can now go on Quests.
Beat Level Quest One: Your Maximum level is now 60.
Beat Level Quest Two: Your Maximum level is now 80.
Beat Level Quest Three: Your Maximum level is now 100.

- Boss Abilities: This lists your Boss Shield abilities gained so far. A Boss ability means that someone must have, and spend, 2 Hypers to beat you when your stat is higher than theirs. These abilities appear only on the defense, unlike Hypers. In addition, if they only have 1 Hyper, not only will they fail and lose the Hyper, but you will receive a 10 XP bonus.

- Fight Bosses: If you are level 20 or higher, you can pick a Boss to fight (you can only fight one Boss a day - see 'Boss Fights' below).

- Restat: If you are level 10 or higher, you can pay 1000 XP to reorganize your stats, to change your character type or to beat a particularly hard Quest (see 'Restats').

- Quests: If you are level 20 or higher, you can go on quests to get special bonuses (see 'Quests').

- Romps: Pay Awesome to run into an area and grab an item.

- Items: One-use or permanent stat boosts.

- Upgrade Stats: When you level up, you get 1 point to spend on any stat, which you can do here.

- Hyper Upgrade: Once every 5 levels (5, 10, 15, etc.), you get a Hyper Upgrade, which gives you both an attribute point and a Hyper point. Hyper points are spent in fights that you are about to lose, to automatically win. If the person you are fighting has a Boss Shield in that stat, you need two Hypers available to beat them - and if you only have one, you'll lose it!

- Upload a Picture: If you are at least level 10, you can upload your picture here (see 'Uploading Pictures'). Pictures must be RGB .jpg files, non-animated, and preferably 200 pixels wide and 250 pixels long. If they are the wrong size, they'll be distorted to fit that 250x200 size.

- Update Your Info: Change your email and/or password.

- General Info: These are pop links to information on the front page.

Fight Menu
Here, you'll see you on the left, the random person you are fighting on the right. The one you fight is determined by your current difficulty bracket (all opponent stats are slightly behind real-time, to keep people from cheating), In the middle is a blurb about the type of fight you are having, and what happened. If you have a higher stat than they do in the chosen attribute, you win! In the case of ties, the winner is determined randomly. Should you lose, and have a Hyper available, you'll burn that to win. If, however, they have a Boss Shield, you'll lose that Hyper and your opponent will get a 10 XP bonus unless you burn a second Hyper.

The bottom of the screen shows you the outcome of the fight. It tells you how much XP you've gained, how much XP you have, and the number of fights you have left.

XP is calculated as follows:
: +10 for a win.
: If you are fighting someone in the same bracket as you, +1 XP for every two levels they are better than you.
: If you are fighting someone in a lower bracket than you, -1 XP for every two levels they are lower than you.
: If you are fighting someone in a higher bracket than you, +2 XP.
: If you beat a Top 20 player and are not in the Top 20, you get +15 XP.
: If you beat the Number 1 player, +100 XP.
: There are also XP bonuses for having high-level stats, and certain items.

If you have fights left, below this is a button to fight again. After that is a link to the Upgrade menu, and then another button to log out and go to the main menu.

Boss Fights
Once you reach level 20, you can, once a day, fight a Boss. Bosses have just one stat, but you are forced to fight them in it. They also have a Boss Shield in this ability, but beating them gives you that same ability.

At level 10, you can pay 1000 XP to re-roll your character at your level. You may completely distribute your regular and Hyper attributes,to beat a particularly hard Quest, or to fix what you might think is a 'bad' build. You can't lower a stat below 1, and that doesn't include and equiment buffs you are getting. If you have a 1-Day Item activated, you can't restat that day.

Upload Picture
Once you've chosen a picture to upload, the system will show you what your picture will look like after the mods approve it (it'll be resized to 250x200, and the quality standardized). Also, and this is important, if you have a picture that is borderline hentai or overly violent, it'll be denied. If it is totally inappropriate, you'll lose your character, so don't be a fool. After you confirm your picture, you won't be able to upload another one until yours is confirmed or denied, and if it is confirmed, you won't be able to change it for about three days.

At level 10, you can start adding Rivals. You may fight each rival once a day without using up a fight, which can help you get XP a lot faster, and reach the top of the daily rankings (to prevent fraud, you do not receive Top 20 / Top 1 Bonuses while fighting Rivals). You can have as many rivals as half your level, rounded down, but no more than 20 total.
To add a rival, both you and your prospective rival must add each other's names to your Rival List - once you add someone's name, they have three days to add you back. (You have to contact this rival outside of the AnimeVersus site, to keep spammers from having a field day with us). Once you've added each other, in about an hour or two the system will recognize this, and you can start fighting each other. To make Rival lists easier, you can fight all of your Rivals one after another by clicking the 'Rival Chain' option.
If you are fighting a rival from your IP, you get a 25% penalty to XP. You get a 50% Penalty for fighting a Rival who hasn't played in many days. If you don't get either of these penalties, you receive 1 Awesome.
After each Rival fight, you have the option to send them a message - have some fun tauntung each other! (Note: by adding someone as a Rival, you are allowing them to send you whatever text they want after a fight. Don't complain to us if they are lewd, you added them. You can always just delete them.) The Rival screen shows the last two days of messages.

At level 35, you can start taking Quests, which is the meat of the high-level game. Quests cost 20 Awesome to attempt. On a Quest, you have to defeat ten encounters (in random order), and then a Quest Boss. You start with your basic attribute stats, and 30 HP. Before your first encounter, you may pick three items to take with you. These items not only give bonuses to attributes and HP, they can be used in encounters to bypass certain difficulties.
- Encounters: Each encounter has a number of options to get past them. Each option needs either a specific item to pass, or a specific attribute check. To beat an attribute check, your character rolls 2D6 (that's two six-sided dice) and compares that plus their attribute against the difficulty. (A roll of '2' is always a failure, and '12' is a success). Failure in this roll, or not having the requested item in an item check, costs you 10 HP - and at 0 HP, you lose the quest.
- Quest Bosses: Should you beat all ten encounters, you face a Quest Boss. You fight this boss in one stat - you get +1 to this stat for each other stat you have that is 12 or higher. When fighting a Quest Boss, both of you attempt to reduce the other's HP to 0. You have a 50% chance to hit them, and the more you are beating or losing to them in attribute points, the higher or lower this chance gets. Depending which type of attack you use, you give - and take - 1 to 3 D6 of damage if you / they hit. Last to 0 wins.
Some Quests can be repeated a number of times (Quests that grant you an item, or a number of fights, etc.), whereas some quests need only be beaten once (level cap quests, etc.). Those types of quests can be replayed for fun for a fraction of the XP.
Here, you can pay 25 Awesome (+5 Awesome for each other time you've done this today) to get a random item from a number of different areas. You may get more than one item a day, but it will cost 200XP for each item after the first that yuo've gotten so far that day. Each area has at least one permanent Equipment piece, and most have many more.
Items fall into one of two categories - one use 'Items', which wear off at the end of the day you select and activate them, and Equipment, which lasts forever. Once you have ten temporary items (activated for the day or not), you cannot romp for an 11th.


Anime Versus gives out occasional gift certificates to online stores, to players based on their daily XP, Quest completion, and so on. Having an email on your account is required to win prizes. During these contests, winners' accounts will be scrutinized for 'fraudulent' activity. When it comes to prizes, 'fradulent' means 'attempting to gain XP by pretending to be a different user'. For example, we'll look at the IP history of winner's Rivals, and see if they have their 'own' character created as an easy-to-defeat Rival. Also, we may offer bonuses to players based on who has joined via their links, but players that get these bonuses will be given bonuses based on the number of active, different players that joined under them - creating a character through your own links just to level it to 10, and leaving it, or characters that exist solely to be another player's Rival, will not be counted towards it.

Again: You are allowed to have up to three active multiple accounts (try to have no more than three active accounts, though), but they should not connect in any way to each other. If you are your own rival, and XP from that contributes to your win, you'll be disqualified. Also, if we catch any other shenanigans, you'll be DQ'ed as well - our word is final.


XP: received for fighting. Used to level up, restat, fight certain bosses, and receive certain items.
Awesome: received for continuous play and playing with friends. Used to Romp and Quest.
Stat / Attribute: Strength, Intelligence, Magic, Hotness, and Fangirls. Compared during fights. Bonuses are given for high stats. One point is given per level.
Hyper: Used to beat characters that have a higher stat than you. One Hyper is used up to win one battle. One point is given every fifth level.
Boss Ability: Boss abilities protect you from other's Hypers. If you have a boss ability, players must use two Hypers to beat you - and if they have onle one, it is wasted, and you receive the 10 XP from the fight instead.


Why don't you notify people that they have rival requests waiting? - because people would just spam rivals until someone answered them. Ask your online friends to join on the boads you frequent, you'll have no problem getting rivals.
When does the server reset? - 1AM CST.
How come we can romp when we are full of items? - Some people want the permanent items, and do not care for the temporary ones, so we allow romps when you are full of temps. There's a big warning before you romp when you are full, anyway.
How does one get banned? - Trying to get around the profanity filter, spamming the suggestion box, uploading nasty pictures, botting, all of this will get you an IP ban. Also, we have failsafes on the site, so if you try to do any of those things - a little flag pops up next to your name on our screen, and we just click 'ban', and that is it. Don't try to make trouble - we don't even see the trouble you make, we just ban you.
Why are you so mean with your 25% same-IP penalty with Rival fights? - to keep people from making givant groups of characters, all rivalled with each other. Sometimes this means that two players may receive a penalty when fighting each other. However, in these cases, you are only losing 2 or 3 XP a day, so settle down. You'll live. Go get others to play, you'll get plenty of XP in no time.
Why is the Leaderboard XP incorrect? - XP on the leaderboard from comes from the XP you receive as a direct result of playing - nothing else counts. Signup bonuses, end-of-day bonuses, top player bonuses, and the like don't count.
I didn't get my end-of-day Awesome! - You don't get your end-of-day bonuses until the END OF THE DAY. This includes items that modify it. This is the number-1 question we get askesed, and we are tired of it. Every end-of-day bonus is CLEARLY labeled that you won't get it until the end of the day. Please stop asking.
Where's a forum to get rivals? - That's your job - to tell your friends in the places that *you* hang out to come and play!

Drop us a question via the suggestion box, you might see it here! (Check the info above first, please -_-)


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