Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN: Manual

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Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN is an MMORPG that takes place in the anime world. You are an anime Ninja (although that can change!), the star of your own show, and your primary goal is to become stronger, but there are many different paths to this same goal. Of course, you are an anime Ninja, and so you have a secondary goal: keep your show going strong, by getting into other genres, getting special effects, theme songs, and more.

Will you become a Ronin, doing anything for money and increasing your power on your own terms? Will you join a ninja village, using teamwork to overcome obstacles and drawing on your comrades' strength to become stronger yourself? Will you take up the task of founding your own village, which brings with it great responsibility but even greater power? Will you take up more esoteric pursuits, gaining powers no ordinary ninja has ever obtained? How you proceed is up to you.

Your Character

At the heart of BvS is the character, your personal avatar. As far as the game is concerned, your character is you.

You begin the game as a Ninja Academy Student, not yet a full-fledged Ninja but on the cusp of receiving your first mission. As you progress, you will advance through the ranks to Genin, Chunin, Special Jonin, Jonin, and possibly even higher.

Also of note is that you begin in Season One of your show. Advancing your Season is a long task, but every Season opens up new abilities to use, items and allies to find, and even new game areas for you to explore.

You may not have more than three characters, and you may not have more than one character in the same village. Also, these characters may NOT HELP EACH OTHER IN ANY WAY, from Bingo'ing to let your Alt invade, to grinding to dump Ryo into your main character, and so on. You are strongly advised to have one alt in the same village as another only in the rarest of circumstances, as if they help each other, both could be banned.


Most of your abilities as a Ninja fall into three general categories:

The arts of stealth, misdirection, and illusion. When you need to sneak around, you will use Genjutsu to help get the job done.
Ninja magic and lore: everything from walking up a telephone pole to throwing fireballs. Ninjutsu are useful in many situations.
Skill at the martial arts. When what you really need is to thrash the bad guys, Taijutsu will be your best friend.


Your character has a collection of statistics, which measure various aspects of your character's power. A wise Ninja does not neglect them, for they are the key to advancement in the game.

Your Level in an ability measures your experience using that ability. When you undergo Ability Tests, the number of attempts you get is determined by your Level in that ability. You also have one Level for your character in general, which serves as a rough measure of how experienced you are. This is equal to the sum of your Levels in all three Abilities.
Your Range in an Ability measures your raw potential in that ability. Where your Level determines how many attempts you get to achieve a success, your Range determines the maximum number you can get on an attempt. Higher Range lets you get higher numbers. Your Range in all three Abilities begins at 10, so you can get 1 to 10.
Your Strength in an Ability measures your talent in that Ability. Every point of Strength in an Ability adds +1 to attempts for that Ability, but these attempts cannot go higher than your maximum Range. Your Strength in all three Abilities starts at zero, so you do not receive this kind of bonus when you start out. Remember that All the Strength in the world can't raise a number past your maximum Range.
Truly exceptional talent in an ability can grant you free Successes in it. When you attempt an Ability Test, if you have any free Successes in that Ability they will be added as successes to the total number of attempts. These free Successes are represented by stars on the test screen, and do not take away from the number of attempts you get. You start with no free Successes. Successes apply regardless of Range.


Your character has a few other Attributes that help define what he can do in the game. Unlike Abilities and Statistics, these Attributes don't directly affect the outcome of tests. Instead, they help define your character's place in the game and what your character can do at any given moment.


Stamina governs how much you can do in a day. Missions and Sparring matches cost 10 Stamina apiece, while Special Missions cost 30 Stamina each.

As a Ninja Academy Student, you start every day with 100 Stamina. As you advance in rank you will start with more than this, and certain Items and Village Upgrades can give you even more. Some Allies even give you Stamina for fulfilling certain conditions, such as winning regular Missions.

When you run out of Stamina for the day, you can no longer do anything that costs Stamina unless you find a way to get more.


Chakra is the mystical life force that powers your Jutsu. Most Jutsu cost a certain amount of Chakra to perform, and a few also have other requirements. You start the day with half of your maximum Chakra, even if you had more than that left over from the previous day.

If you run out of Chakra or cannot spend it for some reason, you will be unable to use Jutsu or other techniques that cost Chakra. You can "charge your Chakra" by spending 10 Stamina; each charge will give you Chakra points equal to half of your maximum.


Ryo is the currency of Billy Vs. SNAKEMAN. You use Ryo to buy items at the shop. Villages also use Ryo to buy upgrades for themselves.

Every time you successfully complete a Mission, you will be paid a certain amount of Ryo, depending on the difficulty of the Mission and your rank. Some Items, Allies, and Jutsu can increase how much you get paid.


Items let you activate Jutsu, complete missions, give you bonuses, and all sorts of other fun stuffs. Permanent Items don't stack with duplicate Permanents, and generally give passive bonuses. One One-Time Item (like a potion) can be used per day to create things, give a Stamina boost, or something else cool.

Ability Points

Ability Points represent your growth in one of your Abilities. Every time you successfully complete a mission or sparring match you are awarded Ability Points in the Abilities which were used. When your Ability Points exceed a certain threshold, your Level in that Ability will go up (and so will your character Level). Excess Ability Points will count toward the next Level, so you don't waste any.

Some Items and Allies can increase the number of Ability Points you earn. Village upgrades can also increase your earnings.

Experience Points

Experience Points measure your overall growth as a Ninja. Any time you are awarded Ability Points, you will be awarded an equal number of Experience Points, though bonuses to your AP do not count toward XP. XP has bonuses of its own, however, and some things grant bonuses of both types.

Unlike Ability Points, Experience Points do not directly translate into levels. Instead, you spend Experience points to purchase Jutsu.


Allies give you bonuses to your stats and abilities. You start with the ability to have two Allies with you at a time, and Chunin rank unlocks the third spot. You can change your 'Team' once a day for free, but it costs Stamina to do it again. Certain combinations of Allies unlock even more bonuses!

Leveling Allies
Certain Allies can be 'Leveled Up' to more powerful versions of themselves. This is normally accomplished by finding the specific Mission that levels them up (if you have the ally, it will give you a hint after you beat it), and having them in your team at the time. The initial chance to Level Up an ally is low, but increases every time you beat that mission. In addition, some allies are leveled on Special Missions, so make sure you check the Special Missions page every day!

Ninja World War points

If your village is part of the Ninja World War, you can fight in special one-on-one battles with randomly-chosen Ninja of your rank (Sannin and Jonin are together - watch out!). Instead of earning Experience points from these battles, you will instead earn Ninja World War points, abbreviated as simply N. These can be used to purchase special bonuses from your village.

It costs no Stamina to enter Ninja World War battles, but you can only enter two battles per day to start. There is no penalty for losing the battles, though you will not earn as many N as you would if you had won.

Friend Points

Friend Points measure how well you have bonded with your teammates. Most activities will earn you Friend Points with whichever of your Ninja Allies are currently on your team.

If at the start of any day you have more Friend Points with a given Ally than anybody else in the game, you are said to be Hanging Out with that person. While you are Hanging Out with a person, you can learn the Jutsu they teach at half price and use them for half the Chakra. However, your Friend Points with that person will be reset to zero so that other people have a chance to Hang Out with him or her at other times.


Bloodlines are special characteristics and powers. You choose one bloodline when you achieve Chunin rank. Some Jutsu, Allies, Summons, and Items can only be learned by certain Bloodlines.

Legacy of the Hero
Bestowed with an ancient Eyepatch, Legacy Ninja have more Chakra and Stamina than other Ninja do.
Having poked themselves with a Kunai at a young age, RedEye Ninja use their power to learn Jutsu used against them during Missions. It does cost far less XP to learn these Jutsu.
Red Eye Ninja also earn AP and XP more quickly than other Ninja do.
Never having recovered from an eye infection they got as a young Ninja, WhiteEye Ninja can sense the presence of special items and bonuses on certain Missions. While any Ninja can get these items and bonuses randomly, WhiteEye Ninja, when they use their power, have a greater chance of doing so. WhiteEye Ninja also have an innate aptitude for Ninja'ing, and have more Levels on regular Missions.

Each of these three innate Bloodlines also has a special Jutsu associated with it. You learn these Jutsu when you advance to Jonin rank.

Ninja Rank

Every Ninja has a Rank which grants them access to more and more parts of the game.

You start the game at this Rank. You are allowed to do D-Rank Missions, where you will likely find your first Allies and Items. Genin who join Villages can help gather Resources.
In addition to opening the C-rank Missions, Chunin also gain the ability to choose specific Attributes to focus on for their Missions. In addition, Chunin who stay in their Villages gain the ability to Patrol it, though they may still gather Resources if they wish. Most Ninja join their first Village at this time, because you need to be a member of a Village to advance further.
Special Jonin
Special Jonin must choose a specialty Ability, and they receive a +2 bonus to their Range in this Ability. They also gain access to B-Rank Missions, many of which require Range bonuses to pass, unlike the Missions which came before. However, Special Jonin lose the ability to gather Resources for their Villages.
Most of the real movers and shakers of the world are Jonin, who gain a +2 Range bonus in the Abilities they did not choose as their specialty back when they were Special Jonin. Jonin gain access to A-Rank Missions. Most Ninja progress to the next Season after reaching Jonin, but for the truly determined there is still one higher Rank to achieve...
Sannin rank is very difficult to achieve. However, in addition to accessing AA-rank Missions, Sannin receive special bonuses of their own, both in their current Season and in the next. This does not come without a price, however: Sannin lose the ability to Patrol their villages.

Core Mechanics

While the amount of numbers involved can seem daunting, the game's mechanics are actually not complex. Almost everything in the game involves undergoing one of two types of tests: Ability Tests and Requirement Tests. Of the two, Ability Tests are far more common and are used in more areas of the game.

Some missions involve more than one test. In these cases, you must usually pass all of the tests to pass the Mission. In regular Missions with more than one Test, all of the Tests will be given at once. Special Missions will give their Tests one at a time.

Ability Tests

Every regular Mission and most Special Missions involve at least one Ability Test. A test has three aspects: an Ability, a Difficulty rating, and a Success requirement.

You get a number of attempts equal to your Level in the test's Ability. Every result that is equal to or greater the test's Difficulty counts as one Success. If you have at least as many Successes as the test requires, you pass.

If you have free Successes in the Ability used by the test, these are added to the number of successes that you got before determining whether or not you pass the test. Free Successes do not take away from the number of attempts you get.

Opposed Ability Tests

In some parts of the game you will be pitted against another person rather than having to complete a task. These conflicts are attempted like regular Ability Tests, but rather than being compared to a Successes requirement, the opponents are compared against each other.

The Difficulty of opposed ability tests is usually random. Normally it is the same for both sides, but in some cases one side or the other may have an advantage.

Requirement Tests

Some Special Missions include Requirement Tests in addition to (or sometimes instead of) Ability Tests. Requirement Tests are easier to understand, but can be harder to accomplish.

To pass a Requirement Test, you need only fill a specific condition: no attempts are involved. You will be told what the requirement is before you undergo the test, so you have a chance to go fulfill the requirement before actually taking the test. You must not abandon the test before fulfilling the requirement or you will fail the test, but you can do anything else —even take other regular and limited Missions— as long as you don't abandon the test.

Requirements can be almost anything within the game. Sometimes you will need to possess a certain item, or certain kinds of items. Other times you will need a certain number of allies, or specific allies, or certain kinds of allies. Sometimes you will have to give items to someone, in which case you must already have the items to give and will lose them as part of the test.

One special type of Requirement Test bears further mention: time-based tests. Some Requirement Tests will require you to wait at least a certain amount of time between the time you are told the requirement and the time you take the test. You may find it helpful to write down the time you were given the requirement, because this time will be the point where the clock starts. Be careful not to take the test too early.

Areas of Play

The game has many different areas for people to play in. Most of these areas have mechanics of their own.


Missions are the bread and butter of the ninja lifestyle, and where you will spend much of your time in the game. They are the key to finding allies and items, and the most common way to gain strength.

Missions are divided into one of many difficulty classes:

The first "real" rank of mission, accessible by Genin or higher. Many of your first allies can be found in missions of this rank.
Accessible by Chunin or higher, this is where things start to get more difficult. Note that some "D-rank" missions are actually C-rank; these missions are important for reaching Chunin.
Special Jonin or higher can access this rank. This is the first type of mission that requires you to have Range bonuses in order to pass.
Only Jonin or higher Ninja can access this rank, and the difficulty goes up another notch. Almost all of these missions require at least one Range bonus, and most require several bonuses stacked together.
The toughest regular missions around. Only Sannin can access this rank, and even they need all the help they can get.
This is a special class of mission. Only Jonin or higher can access these missions, as with A-ranks, but there is an additional requirement: to access this rank you must be in a village with the Ninja Ambassadors upgrade. These missions are extremely difficult, and you may only do one per day, but the rewards can be staggering.

Most Missions require you to pass a single Ability Test to pass, though some Missions require two. Chunin and higher-ranked Ninja can choose to focus on a specific ability in their missions, but some missions appear only if you deliberately choose not to focus on any particular ability. These missions are called Rare Missions, and they tend to house special rewards.

Limited Missions

By acquiring certain items early in the game, you may earn the ability to accept other types of Missions (the first you'll probably unlock is Reaper), where you can be something else entirely - a Soul Reaper, a Drift Racer, and more! These are the first of many different 'genres' you can participate in. These Missions work much like regular Missions, but there are three important differences:

  • You cannot choose the difficulty of your missions. Depending on how well you have done in these Missions, you may be assigned missions from D-rank difficulty all the way up through AA-rank.
  • You cannot use Jutsu learned from other Ninja. You may only use Jutsu earned from Allies from that 'world' or innate abilities gained from your bloodlines.
  • Only special allies may accompany you on Limited Missions. Ordinary Ninja will leave your team if you attempt to bring them on a Reaper mission, though they will remain your allies. Note, however, that not all Ninja are as ordinary as they might first seem...

One final note: These worlds often are vastly different than the ones Ninja are used to, and that takes its toll. After every Limited Mission you will lose an amount of Stamina in addition to what you spent. Certain items may be able to partially counteract or even outright prevent this loss.

Special Missions

Special Missions appear in a separate category, accessed through the "Special Missions / Exams" button. These missions cost more Stamina to perform —usually 30 Stamina apiece— but also have higher rewards: stronger Allies, unique Items, promotions, and even Bloodlines.

Special Missions almost always require you to pass a series of tests, often including some Ability Tests and some Requirement Tests. These tests must be taken in order, but you may (usually) take as long as you like between the tests with no penalty, and even take other regular and limited missions. The only restriction is that you may only be on one Special Mission at a time. Note that Taming a Summon counts as a Special Mission, so you cannot be on a Special Mission if you want to Tame a new Summon.


If you are looking for a way to get some fast XP and challenge your friends, sparring is the fastest way to rank up, and has a number of secret bonuses as well! For 100 Ryo, you may add a name to your Sparring List. If that person puts you on theirs (we suggest adding your friends, or hooking up with sparring partners in your Village Forum, as the game does not alert you when someone adds you, or else everyone would just spam the requests), you can spar each other once a day for 10 Stamina. A random stat is chosen, and both of you attempt to get the most successes. Winner gets the most XP/AP, but both sides still benefit. You cannot spar a person you've added that day, and you have a maximum number of sparring friends.


Buy and Sell Items, and Chunin can get their picture taken to change their avatar. Certain Ranks and Village Upgrades will unlock even more buyable things!


Many Ninja's lives center around the Village to which they belong. You do not have to belong to a Village, but it is highly advised, especially at the lower levels. Belonging to a Village has many benefits, including the fact that you need to be a member of a Village before you can advance in Rank. To join a Village, use the "Village" button from your main page. You can't join more than one village a day.

Parts of a Village


Near the top of your Village's page are announcement and message areas where members can trade messages back and forth, but many Villages choose to establish more formalized discussion forums elsewhere. Even in this case, the Messages section can help keep you informed of events that happen in the Village on a day-to-day basis.


Below this are the activities. This is where you can perform many different actions to help your Village or even just yourself.

Once per day, your Ninja can perform an activity to help your village's daily operations. You may only perform one of these three actions per day, and depending on your rank you may not be able to perform some of them at all.

Gather Resources (Genin and Chunin only)
Lower-ranked villagers can gather Resources to help the village grow. Each village produces one type of Resource, which is sometimes called a Local Resource or Homegrown Resource. Every member who gathers Resources in a day improves the chances that your village will find one Local Resource per day by 7%, plus any bonuses. Villagers that idle for 5 or more days do not count for upkeep or size. To collect, you must have also performed regular missions for your Village in the past couple of days.
Patrol (Chunin, Special Jonin, and Jonin only)
Higher-ranking villages can patrol their villages, in order to make it harder for others to attack them. For every 15% of a village's members who Patrol in a day, attackers on the following day will face an additional +1 to their Difficulty. To patrol, you must have also performed regular missions for your Village in the past couple of days.
From time to time, your village's upgrades may be damaged. The Village Leader can repair this damage by spending village Ryo, but villagers can help by spending actions to Repair the village. Each Repair action repairs damage based on your Rank without spending any village Ryo.
If in the War, and given the permission to, you can attempt to place a spy in another village. It costs a small amount of Stamina to 'case' a village, and then a significant amount to attempt to sneak a Spy in. The enemy villages will not be notified if you successfully get a Spy in. Difficulty is based on their size (smaller villages are harder to Spy on) and bonuses. You may choose which Attribute to use to Spy. After 24 hours (in which time the enemy village will have a chance to find your Spy - base 30% chance per day, which goes down daily until they become 'permanent'), your village will have the option to Attack. Spying does not use your Allies.
Your village can Attack any other village that has had your Spy in it for 24 hours or more. Attacking a village costs a large amount of Stamina, but can get you lots of Ryo for your village Storehouse. Your Leader may choose one village at a time to 'Prepare to Invade' - successfully attacking that Village can also get your village rare Resources. You'll need to make two or three successful checks to attack another village (upgrades matter, as does village size - larger villages are harder to attack), and any successful attack will lose you your spy. Spies lost in this manner cannot be replaced for 12 hours. You may also be able to 'Sabotage' another Village, which is a serious matter, and is explained in the FAQ. Attacking does not use your Allies.
To be "Bingo'd" is to forcibly have your Spying, Attacking, Collecting, Patrolling, and Bingoing permissions revoked for a length of time. If you Bingo yourself (failing a number of things will Bingo you) this time is 36 hours. If you are Bingo'd by another Ninja attacking you, the timer is 1 hour per each level you have. Both timers randomly swing 2 hours in either direction, to confuse those that would attempt to 'lock' you into Bingo. You can attempt to Bingo anyone in a village that your village is spying on. This is used to 'discourage' other villages from messing with you, or, if used in tandem with other players, lock them out of patrolling so they become weak and ripe for the picking. Should you start a Bingo, and go to another screen, it automatically fails. It costs 50 Stamina to start a Bingo Attempt.

First, you must 'Track' them - this is a challenge based on the difference in Levels between the two of you. Then, if successful, you enter the Fight screen.

Once you've Tracked them, you can Fight them. In this area, you'll be trying to reduce the other side's HP to zero - you'll be able to use Jutsu, but it will get harder and harder to do damage every turn. The more Peaceful their village is, the greater your difficulty will be, and it has a chance to go up every turn, and dodging their village defenses costs you 1 HP per turn. There are special Abilities you can use as well, you'll know once you get them.
Losing gets you Bingo'd. Winning, however, Bingos them, and gets you AP/XP and Style Points. Style Points unlock special areas of the game!

You can Bingo yourself by failing certain challenges - Spying / Attacking a village with Creepy Traps, leaving a Bingo Attempt in the middle, and so on.
Village Contracts
Certain missions can give you Contracts. These by themselves are worthless, but contribute a great deal to village Ryo. You can submit them at any time. They add to the Ryo you donate at the end of each day, and are affected by Upkeep as normal.
War Council
Villages who buy a War Council can have their leaders 'Enter the Ninja World War'. This unlocks Spying, Attacking, and other fun stuff. This is a permanent decision - once you do it, there is no turning back. Your village receives a substantial Resource Bonus for entering the war.
Ninja World War
Villages in the War can skirmish against other players in the War - this costs no Stamina, but can only be done a certain number of times per day. Fighting in this gets you 'NWW Points' , which can be turned in for Permanent Items to help your Ninja out (as mentioned in Attributes).
Natural Resource Facility
Villages can get a second 'level' of resources - Advanced Resources - by purchasing a Natural Resource Facility. This separates you from the other villages - you cannot attack a village that has an NRF unless you also have one, and a village with an NRF can't attack a village without one. This unlocks more powerful upgrades, and also village-destroying Monsters. Advanced Resources are four times as hard to get as regular resources.
Party House
Win prizes on the Party Wheel, Ninja Jackpot, or raise your Friend Points by going out on excursions with your Allies!

'Juice' offers stackable bonuses, from bonuses to damage to Stamina, but at a cost - Downtime. Downtime is reflected by a Stamina loss the next day, and massive amounts of Downtime lead to more serious penalties on Missions. Rank, Season, and Items give you 'Tolerance', which helps out with that Downtime.

You can drink up to your Limit - after that, you won't be able to hold down your 'Juice', and you'll have to shake it off.
You can mix Potions if you have a Potion Palace. You'll be able to hunt for ingredients under Special Missions once a day - figure out the correct ingredients to combine, and make something new! Certain ingredients require a Recipe, or other things (such as having a certain bloodline, or a certain time of day).
Monsters have a 10% chance to attack villages with a Natural Resource Facility per day (if no other monsters are attacking). The higher your village's Peacetime Bonus, the more HP they will have! Your village has 7 days to defeat them by going to the 'Kaiju' tab on the village Menu, or they will destroy half of your village Ryo and a random Upgrade! It costs 10-20 Stamina to attack the monster, +10 Stamina for each other time you've attacked it that day.

Only those who were a part of the Village at the time the Monster appeared can fight it. Only the Village Leader can deal the final blow. Certain Monsters can regenerate and/or get more difficult.

Defeating the Monster gets your village a number of Bonuses. First, your village receives a no-Upkeep Upgrade that is unique to that monster. Also, the Leader, and (for all but the most powerful items) one random person who fought the monster, receive a special Permanent Item. The random item is based on the number of attacks that did damage to the monster - villagers who do not yet have the item are weighted a little more heavily. Each time you put a 'ticket' in, it is worth slightly more than the last time, so as an example, 1 Villager with 5 Tickets has more chance to win then 5 Villagers with one ticket each all combined.

Running a Village

Once you are in Season 2, you can even start your own village. This requires a one-time investment of 50,000 Ryo, and you cannot be part of an existing village.

If you have the village size (which calculates nightly), Village Ryo, and Resources necessary, you can buy a new Upgrade. Note that you also need the required number of Villagers, and if you drop too far below that number, the Upgrade will disable.

Upkeep is the percentage of Ryo lost from the day-to-day costs of running a village. All villagers affect upkeep - generally, the higher-ranked the villager, the higher upkeep they cost, with the exception of Chunin, who actually lower Upkeep. Also, almost every Village Upgrade adds upkeep (although there are some which lower it). Balancing Upkeep is essential to village growth.

If your Village Upgrades are damaged by Sabotage or other events, this is the menu you use your villagers' Repair Actions and village Ryo to repair buildings. When buildings get damaged, the damage starts as Green Damage, then turns to Yellow and finally Red, where it gets worse and worse until the Upgrades are destroyed.

You may change what each Villager can do, as well as what new villagers default to. Note that if you give someone Storehouse access, they will have unlimited access, and it is your own fault if they plunder your items. Consider setting a limit on number of items taken instead.

Hide / Show Resources
Your daily collection of Resources and Ryo comes at a random time during the day. To keep sneaky villagers from finding this out and reporting it to other villages that will promptly invade you, you can hide the Ryo and Resources from your villagers. When you unhide your resources, they are reported to the village announcements, so you can 'flash' the resources to your villagers and hide them again right away.

Spy Update
You may pay to check in on every village you have a spy in. It will note basic information about them in your village menu, so you can discuss your attack and defense plans.

Kage Council
This is a Leader-only message board where you can talk to your fellow village leaders. Please do not use this to ask basic game questions, but instead to discuss the various skirmishes and wars of the game.

Invasion Preparations
This is who you are planning to attack for resources. This can only be changed once a day, ut certain things can change that.

Set Invasion Defense
If you have the Upgrade 'Invasion Defense',You may choose who your village is defending themselves from. Note that this is not a 'perfect' defense, and a good enough combination of items and abilities can defeat it. You cannot defend against a Village you've recently attacked.

This is who in your village is allowed to 'sabotage' other villages, if you have a Sabotage Facility.

Duplicate Check
You may use this tool to check to see who in your village is a duplicate character, and bringing down the village. Duplicate players don't count towards Village Size for Upgrades, and they can't both collect/patrol/repair/monsterfight.

Tax Rate
The amount your villages 'charges' per mission to be a part of it. The minimum amount you can charge is equal to the largest number of villagers you've ever had.

For a fee, this sets your 'largest villagers' number to the current villager count. Useful after a purge, or to cut back on expenses.

Turn on, turn off, and look at who is applying to your village here. Applications last for a limited number of days. You can 'refresh' your application here.

Turn off an applicant's ability to ask your village for entry.

Remove a player from your village.

Name New Leader
Change the leader of the village. This makes them the new Leader immediately, so you can't change your mind. They can give you back the Village - if they want to. You can't do this if you are Bingo'd or if there's a monster loose. If no one has done this in eight days, you are then given the ability to 'retake' your Leadership from whoever currently has it within the week. So, if you make someone Leader, no matter who else they make Leader, you - and only you - can take back your position within seven days.

Enter the War
A one-time action which plunges your village into the war. You need a War Council to do this. Entering the War also gets you a one-time bonus of Resources.


If your village has a Summoning Circle, you may be able to tame and later summon beasts to help you fight.

Summons are learned from specific Allies. Although you can see what a given Ally can teach you as soon as you get the Ally, you must have obtained at least 300 Friend Points with that Ally at some time in the past before he or she will actually teach you the Summon. There is one exception to this rule: if you are Hanging Out with an Ally who teaches a Summon, you can learn it even if you have not earned the required 300 Friend Points.

Once an Ally is willing to teach you a Summon, you can learn it on the Summons screen. Choosing to learn a Summon will take you directly to a Special Mission; complete this to finish the process. Like most Special Missions, learning a Summon costs 30 Stamina.

Once you have learned a summon, you may use it once per day. It will provide its bonus for three or four Missions before it leaves your party. Most summons will leave immediately if you try to Spy or Attack another village, but some summons can help you with these actions as well.

The Arena

The Arena is open to Season 1 Chunin and above. In here, you can fight others in a Ninja battle of wits for Stamina, Allies, and powerful Items. To fight, you need to buy Arena Passes, which cost Ryo (more and more for each set of passes you buy in one day).

In fights, you'll be able to perform a Genjutsu, Ninjutsu, or Taijutsu attack. Gen beats Tai beats Nin beats Gen (think 'Rock Paper Scissors'). Whoever is in the lead after the 9th Round wins! However, you are attempting to beat your opponent into submission - if you ever have three more wins than them, you automatically win right there! Certain items will give you special abilities in the Arena - play to find them!

Certain items and times of day - like the Dark Hour - can affect your character during the arena. Keep an eye on the time!


Tournaments run a couple times per day off of the Arena menu.
They cost 5000 Ryo to enter.
They are single-elim bouts to determine who is the best!

Here are the rules:

- Tourneys start 30 minutes after they open.
- They require 4 players minimum - less than that, and players are refunded.
- Once you enter a tournament, you will not be able to fight random people in the Arena until you lose, or the tournament ends.
- Rounds are up to 15 minutes long (Finals are 20 minutes). You have this amount of time to get a Win against another Tournament player. IF you are left behind because you Tied, and everyone else either won or was eliminated, you will be eliminated as well - don't be late for matches. Your first match starts the moment the round starts - if you don't get to it because you aren't there, you lose.
- If you Tie twice in a row (other than in the Finals), you automatically lose.
- Wins are worth 50 Arena Rep.
- Dark Hour and Light Hour do not apply.
- If you do not get a Win by the time the round ends, you lose. (if you tried to get into a fight, but someone sucked and wouldn't fight you, you'll get your entry fee back)
- First Place gets a Trophy based on the size of the Tourney, which sells for a LOT of Ryo. In addition, they get a special prize if this is the first time they've won a Tournament. They also get 50 Rep per person that entered.
- Second Place gets a number of Runner-Up Trophies based on Tourney size.
- The 6 PM Tournament has a random Special Rule applied - either everyone has the same power, or everyone has the same cards, or something else crazy. It'll let you know before you sign up.


When one of your attributes reaches a certain point, you will be invited to start the next Season. This turns you back into a Level 6 Genin, but keeping many of your powerful items, and with a new ability - Themes (which you will find out about once you receive one). You can then make the game harder (with 'The Crank', under 'Themes'), with more adventures and bonuses!

Bug Reports / Suggestions

If you have a good idea on how to make the game better, or find a bug, you can Bug Report it on the main page.

First, make sure you read the instructions, and look at the FAQ. Second, give as MUCH information as possible - the bug report box is small, but it actually shows a lot, so you can type it up in a text editor and copy the whole thing in. Also, don't spam the box, or post a stupid question that is covered in the FAQ, or your reports will be ignored.

To make sure that we can more properly work on your bug, be VERY specific. Give us a step-by-step of how to make the bug happen, and if we can find it and fix it, you'll be rewarded.

Being Awesome

The two ways to get super-awesome in this game are easy:

First, get your friends to join! You get 5 Stamina for everyone who clicks on your banner (get the code on your Main screen), you can all team up to make your own village, and there are awesome referral bonuses for getting friends into the game - click here for details!

Second, join a community! Search around and find a BvS forum, and learn all sorts of things about the game that we won't tell you about here! Trade items, join awesome Villages, find secrets, and more!


Requirements: Nonja Lab, Nonjas
Oh my goodness, your leader's Nonja Experimentation has gone horribly awry! A horde of Zombjas is descending on your Village - it is up to you and your Village to beat them back!

Zombjas is a cooperative, Village-vs.-Enemy challenge in BvS:

YOU WIN IF: Wipe all of the Zombjas from the map, close the rifts they crawl out of, and destroy the Zombulator.

YOU LOSE IF: A zombja gets to the bottom row of your Map.

HOW TO START: Your Village needs the Lab and at least one Nonja. Down at the bottom of your Village Menu, the Leader will see an Experimentation block, and a place to select your map size (each time you complete a map, you can pick a harder difficulty). Also, when a map is completed, you must wait 5 days to launch Zombjas again. Zombja Items do not carry over (ZReward purchased ones do).

You can only help your Vilalge if you were in it when the Map launched. If you leave the village, you won't be able to help until the next map (even if you come back).

Maps are sized based on the difficulty of your game (Easy:4, Medium:5, Hard:7). Maps are (4xDifficulty)+1 high, and (2xDifficulty)+1 long. So, if your Diff is 5, then your map looks like this:

All players in the Village start at the V. Zombjas march down from the top of the map once per hour. They are a bit slow, so they only have a 10% or so chance to march - plus, the closer they get to the bottom of the map, the more time it takes between marches (Zs one row above the bottom, for example, only march once every 12 hours). Zombjas spawn at the top of the map every hour after nightfall - lots of them. Zettas and Zs March every hour, but new ones spawn only at night (Zombja Night = 7P-6A BST).

You start with 50 ZAP, and get one ZAP every 15 Minutes. You can have a max of 150 ZAP, so play every day!
For 1 ZAP you can:
- attack some Zs
- attack a Zetta
- move (diagonal is okay - moving ALSO costs 2 Stamina)
- heal at a Hospital
- UnInfect at a Hospital
- Search the area (10% chance of not using an ZAP when doing so)
- Equip a new weapon

Every time you spend ZAP, the Zombjas in your map square get a swing at you.

Attacking Zs:
Zs are mindless and mashable - every time you attack, you destroy 1 of them. This can be greatly enhanced by weapons - the best weapon in the game, the 11Saber, kills 11d11 + 11 Zs a swing.

Attacking Zettas:
Zettas - the special zombjas - can only be taken down one at a time. you have a base chance of 10% on a swing to take down a Zetta, but again, weapons.

Moving: You can move in any direction, unless there are Zombjas in your square. If that is so, you can only move down-left, down, or down-right. Moving into or out of a square does NOT let Zombjas swing at you, so running away is safe.

You have 100HP. When Zombjas swing at you, they cannot do damage unless they slow you down first, by Infecting you. if you are Infected, you suffer Infection Penalties. Also, once you are Infected, you can start to take HP damage - if you go down to 0, you are no longer allowed to gain new Actions, and can be stranded!

Hospitals can quickly UnInfect you and heal up some damage. You start with only one Hospital, at 0,0 (the same place you start)

Zombja March:
once an hour, Zs march. they have a small percentage chance of moving down a row, but every Z in a square you are in will try to bite you. Beware hanging out in Z infested areas!

When on a square with a Bunker, the Marching Zs cannot hurt you. They can enter it just fine, but they won't bite on entry. Also, you can load up on BargainBars here - crappy Crowbars, which you can hold a max of 4.

Teleporters may be built by Digger 3, on a non-Bunker / Hospital square. Players may, for 2 ZAP (and 10 HP, ouch) may yank DIRECTLY BACKWARDS (in the up-down sense) to a Teleporter. no moving forward or straight sideways. YANK stands for something, by the way - here's a hint, the N stands for NINJA.

You can equip items to beat Zombjas with. they all have a Z-Kill rating (the roll on how many Zs you kill per action), a Zetta-Kill (the chance you have to kill a Zetta), and a Break Chance (fail). If you break a weapon, you will automatically equip any duplicates of that weapon you have WITHOUT spending ZAP - so even easily breakable weapons like Records are deadly in numbers.

Map Squares:
Village - the last stand. you can find a lot of low-powered items easily here.
Collection Fields - lots of rocks and gardening implements.
Mountains - digging equipment.
Wasteland - Creepy Science stuff.

Special Map Squares:
Arms Depot - guns. :)
SCIENCE! Facility - huge crazy weapons, Level 3+ Engineers may launch one Zetta-Nuke from here (one per map max, completely wipes one square of Zs and Zettas, must be Unlocked by a Leader first on-site)
Ramen Shop - here, you have a small chance of finding Manly Ramen - an item that can be used (not equipped, USED) to instantly heal an Infection (3/day max).
Rifts: These line the top of the map. First, they have forcefields around them, so you can only walk into them from directly below. Second, these are where Thumpers dwell, so watch out. If you can clean out a rift, you can seal it - no more Zombjas will ever spawn from there again!
Gate: this is the Final Countdown of the Zombjas. Unable to be touched until the whole map is clean, this place holds the Zombulator.

Infection Penalties:
If you wield a weapon, each attack you do costs you 5 HP.
Less then 80 HP -- you are at -5% Zetta kill and -1 Zs killed each swing
Less then 60 HP -- you are at -10% Zetta kill and -2 Zs killed each swing
Less then 40 HP -- You are too wounded to effectively wield a weapon

Zetta Bestiary:
Zettas spawn when large numbers of Zs get together.
Barglers - every action, they have a chance of barfing up 8 Zs into your square. Get rid of them quickly.
Thrillers - every action, they have a chance of thrilling you, causing you to lose an additional ZAP.
Noms - every action, they have a chance of Nomming you - while Nommed, the only action you can take is to attack the Noms. You will not UnNom until all the Noms are dead. Extremely dangerous when teamed with the Bargler.
Thumper - Thumpers do damage directly to you, even if you aren't Infected - a LOT of damage. In addition, they shrug off damage 60% of the time.
Zombulator - Not only does this take 10 hits itself to kill, it hits like a Thumper - and when it does, throws you to the other end of the map. o_o

Every Z and Zetta you kill gets you ZP, which carries over between maps (YES IT LOOPS STOP ASKING). ZP can be used to buy Skills - 100 ZP for level 1 of a Skill, up to 500 for Level 5 (max). Note that Level 5 skills have an additional cost of 500 for every OTHER Level 5 skill you have.
Immune: 10% Chance per Level to 'dodge' Infections
Healthy: +20 HP max, +1 HP/heal per Level
Perceptive: 10% Bonus Chance to Search for free
Sniper: 5% Bonus Chance to Zetta-Kill per Level
Thorough: +1 Z Killed per Level
Speedy: -1 Minute per ZAP refresh per Level
Medic: May Heal (Uninfect+10HP) another person for 12 ZAP (minus 2 per Medic Level) twice per Level (recharge at Hospital), 5% chance per Level to dodge counterattacks while healing others
Digger: May build one Bunker per Map at Level 1, two Bunkers at Level 5 (5 ZAP), one Teleporter at Level 3. 2% Bonus per level to Search*
Engineer: May Sonar Ping for 5 ZAP (Range: 2 per Level) and may build one Hospital per Map at Level 5 (10 ZAP)
Gardener: May plant DayMines and NightMines for 12ZAP, minus 2 ZAP per Level, and Pull Veggies
Runner: 5% Chance per Level to not spend ZAP while moving
Careful: -3% Break Chance per Level (1% Minimum)
Jumpy: 3% Chance per Level to cancel Zombja counterattack
Cleave: +1d3 Z killed per Level when Zetta killed, +15% chance per Level to kill a second Zetta of that type

You can plant up to 10 Mines per square.
All mines must be of the same type.
DayMines are only active 7A-7P, NightMines 7P-7A.
Mines explode if Zs step on them, costing you 1 mine and killing 1-4 Zs.
When 1 mine explodes, an announcement is put on the map for the next 12 hours, and a 1-Range Sonar Ping is done.

Veggies may only be pulled by Gardeners.
Pulling 1 Veggie costs 10-Level ZAP.
Veggies may be pulled in the bottom 20*Level% of the Map.
Gardeners may have up to 2*Level Veggies.
Veggies may be eaten at any time.
Veggies give 5 HP per Veggie.
Veggies may also have random (mostly good) side effects (currently disabled).

Exactly 4 Players in one area. Bonus: 25% Chance to Dodge Infection, Pistols and Shotguns have a 50% chance of not consuming ZAP.

8+ Players in one area. Bonus: Considered to be a Bunker for Marches.

- ZombAway does NOT give Free ZAP, nor does it last over Dayroll. it gives actions where moving doesn't cost Stamina as well as ZAP.
- You must be in a Village when it launches a Zombja Attack to participate. Leave, and you are done.
- Your Z-Rewards are not linked to your Village - if you move to a different Village, you keep them.
- Mines don't give ZP, and aren't 'worth it' in terms of ZAP to plant vs. kill. Mines are used primarily as 'Early Warning' Systems. If you see a mine go off, that is probably a Bad Thing. However, at high levels, you can lock down a horde of Zs for not too much. However, nothing beats a golf bag full of Shotguns and a bad attitude.
- By yourself, you can't do much against the Horde. Teamwork!
- Make sure to have some people stand guard on the edges - the maps are pretty wide, and Zs can slip through.
- Get some weapons - there's a number of good weapons out there that can really mess up the Horde.
- Specialize: always have some players with some Thorough levels to wax the sparse, early Zs. Having at least one runner with max Engineer can be a lifesaver - drill through the map and drop a Hospital for great justice.
- *Digger - that 2% is a Big Deal. See, a Search Table might look like this:
1-5: Chainsaw
6-20: Cricket Bat
21-65: Rock
and the Bonus subtracts from your roll. So, Digger 3, Chainsaw is 1-11 not 1-5. This adds up. A lot.
Everything Loops.
YOU ONLY HAVE A CERTAIN NUMBER OF DAYS TO BEAT A MAP BEFORE EPIC FAIL. That is 4 times the 'Size' of your map (4,5,7). at 3 times, zombja get a lot harder. at 4, you lose.

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