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Alchemist Showdown

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The best of the three battle-changers. Why? Because when you change the battle to Alchemy, you are usually winning by a much greater amount than in Wits or Strength. When you 'surprise' people with an Alchemy battle, you often have enough on them that a single pump is useless, sealing the win.
The Battle change cards are good, but thats not enough to make them playable. Often times a well placed pump will hurt as much if not more then a battle change card. Also with the addition of cards like clue for the search and cange in plans its often more effective to just change the all around battle type. The disadvantage being that the element of suprise is lost, but the advantages outweigh this so easily.
A must-have in alchemy decks. Popping this card out, especially against a Military or Homonculus deck (Or in a Challenge the Sun), is one of the best things to do in order to screw your opponent. Usually a strength or wits opponent will need multiple pumps to go up against a higher-cost alchemy ally, if they can manage to match attributes at all. Unfortunately, the Militia card dosen't care, so Rebel opponents have a leg up.
Alchemist Showdown



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