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Shou Tucker, Proctor

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There isn't much you can say negatively about this guy. Being a 4/5/4 give him good overal stats and him being a 6 cost military ally means he is most likely going to be seeing the playing field any time after the start of the game. His ability is very nice too. It puts his alchemy up to 6 every turn. Discarding a card isn't that big of a deal with cards like Stray Kitten and Reflections around. Also he has 5 wits which can only be useful. In a battle pump deck he can play almost all of the main battle pumps (barring Out The Window). If you play alchemy this is a great ally to play or splash and if you dont play alchemy it is a great ally to put in for the defence against. Hands down I give this ally 5/5.
Shou Tucker, Proctor



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